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 belly honey

Honey carrying a ba-BEE is a lot of work and honeys deserve all the happiness while they create life. Your belly deserves the pampering, care and attention in the softest way. The Milk & Honey Co. aims to curate birthing joy for honeys during their pregnancies by pampering the mind and body before ba-BEE arrives. Choose from one of our in home belly pampering services below.


Honey Blessing

A Honey Blessing (similar to a Mother Blessing) is a modernized ritual called a "Blessingway". Honey blessings are a gathering of honeys closest women friends and mothers in an intimate setting to honor her matrescence, nurture and shower the honey-to-bee (or be again) with loving care before ba-BEE arrives.


Cost: $500

***includes catered appetizer or finger foods with plant based options for attendees. Max of 8 people.***

Belly Casts

Belly casting is creating a three-dimensional sculpture by molding your belly through casting. This offers a great way to keep the memories during your pregnancy form. Keepsake uses have been newborn photoshoots, wall hangings and more.

This service includes material with sanding and one coat of paint only. If you are in need of a mirrored or decorated casting with cowrie shells,  flowers or mosaics the prices start at $250 and up. Please view the  pdf attached for instructions before your appointment. 

Cost : $175 and up 

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Belly Facials

Belly facials are the perfect way to be pampered and relax during any stage of pregnancy to soften your skin with all natural and 100% safe handcrafted belly honey (oil) for exfoliation and moisturizing of the skin during routing skin care. Lymphatic massage in the arms and hands help to reduce swelling. Your session includes a bottle of belly and babee honey to keep too. 

Cost: $125.00

Birth Art 

The transformation into motherhood is psychological change as well as pysical. It can be emotionally overwhelming from the birth of your ba-BEE to the actual care of your newborn. Emotional support in the form of Birth Art session for you and your partner and family to ease anxiety first time honeys or previous trauma in birth or postpartum. 

Cost: $125.00

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