Hey honey and honey's to be. That's how I see all birthing persons.. a spoonful of honey.


You see, babies, breastfeeding and connections are my jam. I specialize in lactation and postpartum doula care. 

I started with this thing I called heyHONEY, and I’ve been doing this breast friend work for 3 years. I am a Certified Maternal Child Community Health Worker, Certified Breastfeeding Specialist and Birth/Postpartum doula. My expertise to encourages mothers and caregivers to trust their instincts during pregnancy and beyond through radical support and evidence based education. I help families crush their breast or chest feeding goals and transition into a thriving postpartum recovery. I think you deserve that too, honey. 

It's great to meet you. 
Jada Metcalf.

There's a lot of buzz about The Milk + Honey Co. I have been featured and awarded national recognition. 

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As a breastfeeding coach and postpartum doula, I'll guide you and your family backed by evidence based facts to increase your maternal confidence and doing what feels natural. 

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Don't go 40 weeks into pregnancy without preparing for your postpartum experience. Purchase our planner to guide you how to build emotional and physical support, breastfeeding tips, warning signs and more  

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No secrets to the success of breastfeeding here. Just stories between breast friends and a little of what's on my mind. ​

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Your postpartum plan is just as important as your birth plan.  Start preparing for your baby now so you can thrive into postpartum recovery with my
Partum Me, Honey Workbook. 

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