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I am a trained non-clinical professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to a mother or birthing person before, during and shortly after childbirth to help achieve the healthiest, most satisfying experience possible. As a Milk + Honey doula I attend your delivery whether at home, birthing center or virtually in the hospital.


I am trained to assist families with birthing options as advocates of their client's wishes and may assist in communicating with medical staff to obtain information for the client to make informed decisions regarding medical procedures. 


Evidence has shown that pregnant persons who have a doula are:



less likely to need Pitocin.

less likely to have a cesarean birth.

less likely to use any pain medication.

more likely to rate their childbirth experience positively

babies have a lower AGPAR score 

Pregnancy is very emotional and as your doula my goal is to




support, educate, advocate, coach, and nurture moms to-be and birthing persons throughout the pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and postpartum journey

give emotional support for childbirth. I help to normalize and educate you on feelings and bodily sensations that happen during pregnancy, which can feel very scary and unnerving for a first-time mother.


provide physical touch for comfort measures such as massage and pressure points, particularly in labor, physical-touch is incredibly beneficial in helping the mother-to-be maintain a sense of comfort and control.


coach your partner on how to support you and your environment before birth, I teach the anatomy of labor and birth, comfort techniques, pressure points, and the use of aromatherapy. 


provide evidence based education on breastfeeding and obtaining a pain free first latch and ensuring breastfeeding or pumping gets off to a great start after childbirth. 

As a postpartum doula as well, I offer healing and holistic remedies, but also a non-judgemental ear. I visit families when they are comfortable after birth for postpartum care to talk about your birth, newborn care, postpartum support, baby wearing techniques and breastfeeding care, 

Your birth should be an experience not an afterthought.


Experience an empowered, catered to pregnancy and birth transitioning into a thriving postpartum experience.

Joyous Birth Package


Welcome Package

2 Prenatal Visits

Breastfeeding Education 

Childbirth Education 

Birth and Peanut Ball for labor 

Partum Me Honey Digital Planner

On call text/phone support starting at 38 weeks

on call Active Labor +Birth support

Immediate 2hr Postpartum Care after delivery

2 Postpartum Visits

Access to monthly support group for the first year of babees life 



Virtual Doula Support


2 Virtual prenatal visits includes birth/postpartum planning 

Virtual Partum Me Honey Digital Planner 

on call text/phone support during pregnancy

on call active labor and birth support at 38 weeks until delivery 

2 Virtual Postpartum Visits/Check Ins 

Access to monthly support for the first year of  babees life 





Add Ons


In Person Postpartum Visit/Newborn Care

$25.00/hr min 3hr BIRTH CLIENT RATE ONLY

postpartum recovery, bathing, diaper care, soothing techniques, gentle sleep routines, baby-wearing visit 


Milk + Honey Belly Rub 

$65.00 - 50min

**gentle belly exfoliation, belly mask, belly massage, hand and arm massage  


Belly Casting  


**materials provided  

Milk + Honey Baby Bath 


Milk bath photoshoot for your baby at 6 mos. of age.


clear bath basin

faux fruit/flowers decor

coconut milk/powder or use of your own breast milk

Have a few questions about my process? Click here.

The Milk + Honey Co. strives to keep our families and communities healthy. I am fully vaccinated and adhere to strict COVID protocols to ensure the safety of each family I support. 

*** 35% non refundable deposit to retain my services.  Balance must be paid by 32 weeks to continue services.

Ask about the payment plans I have available**

Father and Son

Ready for ongoing support through childbirth and during your postpartum? Book the Milk + Honey doula package for birth and postpartum support. 

This package is perfect for an expectant mom to curate her birth first latch and a thriving postpartum. This support includes all aspects of perinatal care. 

Honey, this package includes"

The deposit to begin your perinatal care
1-2 Prenatal visits
1 Breastfeeding class 
On call text/phone support during pregnancy 
on call active labor and delivery support at 38 weeks until delivery 
1-2 hr immediate breastfeeding/postpartum support
2 Weekly 3hr Postpartum Day Visits totaling 8 visits within the first month

Your balance must be paid by 32 weeks to continue services.

***The deposit included is non refundable once booked after 48 hours minus a $75.00 booking fee.