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Don't forget any options with your free Belly Honey Guide to a gentle cesarean birth plan.  Book your !:! consult too and lets plan it out together, honey.  

What is a gentle cesarean delivery? 


The goal of the family-centered cesarean, or “gentle cesarean,” is to make the delivery as natural as possible.Belly honey is needed just as much if not more during your procedure. A cesarean section is an operation to give birth to your baby. Caesarean section surgery usually takes 30-60 minutes, although the entire process takes a few hours. 

During the period before surgery, a doula can help explain procedures to you and help you get answers to any questions that you have, much like she would during a normal labor setting. A doula can help you manage painful procedures like the administration of an IV or even the spinal or an epidural for your surgery.

Once inside the operating room (OR) if allowed more than one support person, I will assist you in knowing what is going on by giving you details of whatever you wish to know. Your surgeon and assistants are busy doing the surgery. The nurses are preparing the room for the babee. Your partner is awaiting the babee and, if immediate skin-to-skin contact is not available, may soon go to the warmer to greet the babee. A doula will be at your side. I can take photos if you desire, particularly after the babee is born. I can remind the staff of any special requests you may have. If your babee needs to go to the nursery, Dad/partner can go with the babee. I also provide relief support for your partner to rest up or to leave and care for other children.

Surgery Tools


***cesarean birth support***

Cost: $900+

w/10 hrs overnight assistance $500

Breastfeeding Class/CSection Prep 

5 hrs of in person support during your cesarean operation 

(includes 2-3 hour operation support, lactation support up to 3 hours after delivery

Breast Friend Kit for Colostrum Collection 

4 Lactation/Postpartum Visits (Home or Hospital) with lactation specifics on day 3 & day 10 of delivery 

 (3hr Postpartum Visits performed 2x a week)

(assistance with questions about procedures, advocate for your postpartum wishes, assistance to help with skin to skin immediately after operation, breastfeeding support, companionship, relief of partner support, newborn care, mobility and aftercare)

10 hrs of overnight assistance add'tl $500 (if hospital policy allows more than one overnight visitor, this package would fit honeys with multiple kids to care for as well, hours are from 9pm - 5am

 A 50% of your package retainer fee of which $500 in non refundable is required to retain services and add you to my calendar. Balances must be paid in full by 37 weeks of delivery or cesarean surgery to guarantee my availability to continue your remaining birth an/or postpartum support. Let's chat virtual over coffee to see if I vibe with your family email me

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