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December 9, 2023 at 11:00am - 4:00pm 

Birth better to breastfeed better!! Taking a class outside of your hospital setting guarantees you will learn how to advocate for the natural physiological process of your birth as well as your right to breastfeed too as a first time honey. TBATB class will train you on the use of various pain medications, interventions with hospital birth and how they an affect the onset of milk production by days. Do you want to go along to get along with their normality of rushing birth, which may not include a vision you have for your birth? No, then uou need this class, honey! I am spilling the T.E.A. on birthing fearlessly and feeding joyfully in this 4 hour group prenatal class. An informed and well educated pregnancy increases your maternal self efficacy and builds confidence in the natural physiological process of labor and birth creating space for informed decision making while protecting your right to breastfeed too. Learn what they don't tell you in this class.


Come and reimagine: 

Birth/Postpartum Planning

Partner Support Re-imagined 

Birth Rights/Advocating for Yourself 

Importance of Prenatal Nutrition/Exercise to reduce a High Risk status 

Stages & Phases of Labor/Effects of Interventions

Comfort Measures for Partner Support

Non-Pharmacogical Pain Relief/ Comfort Measures

Hand Expression/Colostrum Collection 

Initiating Breastfeeding/Pumping

The Early Days of Infant Feeding

Partum Me, Honey But WTF??? Resources

Building a Support System of Wellness 

To our GIFTING BEEs Please make a cheerful donation below for this wealth of childbirth knowledge to support our cause and to replace the supplies that will be used for this and future classes. You will receive an email invite with details of location. 

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