As a trained birth and postpartum doula my childbirth classes are designed to help educate pregnant people and their families about options for care and techniques to use during labor.  These classes cover various forms of pain relief, from relaxation and movement to intravenous pain medications and epidurals. 

Antenatal classes, also called birth and parenting classes, help you and your partner get ready for labor, birth, breastfeeding and caring for a newborn babee. Taking classes will help you and your partner feel more confident as the birth approaches


Birth and Breastfeeding Coaching

The Birth + The B.E.E.S.

(Birth + Breastfeeding Education Empowerment and Support )

Pregnancy care has to be imagined differently. As a Certified Community Health Worker specializing in Maternal Child Health I am increasing the support to families by creating community health classes that focuses on parents as well as birth workers. The Birth + The B.E.E.S. (Breastfeeding Education Empowerment and Support ) provides three hours of in person evidence based education to understand the natural process of birth, comforting measures, the first latch, bringing babee home and more.

If you're ready to have the birth you envision then my master coaching class is for you, honey.  Join me for my birth and breastfeeding coaching course The Birth + The B.E.E.S.. aimed to give the guidance and encouragement needed through pregnancy, child birth and breastfeeding. You will learn the natural process of birth, envisioning your birth and how to obtain a pain free and joyful first latch. This 3hr VIP coaching will also show you how to optimize your milk production from the first latch to the last as well as build the confidence to transition into your postpartum smoothly. 


I will be spilling the T.E.A. on prenatal nutrition, exercise, interventions, stages of labor, breastfeeding education, the Golden Hour to birth fearlessly and feed joyfully.  

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll learn: 

Birth/Postpartum Planning

Prenatal Nutrition/Exercise

Stages of labor

Comfort measures/Partner Support


Breathing and Visual Imagery

The Golden Hour 

Postpartum care for mom and babee


When to seek help 

Let's get your journey off to the right start with me, honey!

Cost: $165.00 private / $85.00 group