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Plus size woman breastfeeding her infant. Mother with baby in hands standing and breastfee
chocolate milk & honey t.e.a.

Welcome honey to your communiTEA resource for Black expectant and newly breastfeeding, bottle and bodyfeeding honey's. This circle is sponsored by The Milk + Honey Co. and Double the Love Lactation. This monthly group provides free lactation support to Black + Brown families with breastfeeding concerns through TEA.

 (T) alk (E) ducation (A)ffirmation

with no shade, honey about breast milk production and maintenance!! Having a strong village will help you achieve your breastfeeding goal and help you to navigate your postpartum experience smoothly. So log on, meet some new BREASTIES and address any concerns. Topics include but are not limited to:​

Interviewing Pediatricians 

The Golden Hour

Programming Your Milk Supply 




Hand Expression 

Nighttime Feedings

Normal Newborn Behavior  

Building Maternal Confidence

Breastfeeding Multiples


Returning to Work 

Postpartum Preparation

Breastfeeding and Sexuality

Community & Fellowship 

Resources for Perinatal Wellness Practitioners ..

Pregnancy is the perfect time to learn the art of breastfeeding with confidence before your babee arrives. Although support groups help to encourage you on your journey a class will teach you all of the basics and evidence based information needed to successfully reach your breastfeeding goals? Sign up for an education class with me here.

Come on in and get this T.E.A., honey!
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