Pregnancy Exercise


 The BIRTH + The B.E.E.S.

Childbirth Education & Breastfeeding Class

I will be spilling the T.E.A. in this 4 hour in person birthing fearlessly and feeding joyfully class session right in the comforts of your home. An informed and well educated pregnancy increases your maternal self efficacy and builds confidence in the natural physiological process of labor and birth creating space for informed decision making. 

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll learn: 


Birth/Postpartum Planning

Birth Rights/Advocating for Yourself

Prenatal Nutrition/Exercise

Stages of labor

Comfort measures/Partner Support

Intervention/Labor Positions

Breathing and Visual Imagery

Breastfeeding Education

Newborn Care

Postpartum Care 

Cost: $250/couple in home $100 group

***group class dates TBA***





Breastfeeding 101 Class


Learn the Art of Breastfeeding in this 2 hr class.

Breastfeeding Topics include:


Anatomy + Physiology of the Breast
Programming Your Milk Supply
Positioning + Latch

Hand Expression
Normal Newborn Behavior

The Early Weeks

Building and Keeping Milk Supply 

Pumping/Bottle Feeding

Storage Guidelines

Returning to Work/School
When to Seek Help

Setting Realistic Goals

$150 private in home session



Express YOURSELF - Online Course 

Hand Expression through Colostrum Collection 

Cost: $40 + shipping of kit

Familiarize yourself with your breasts and how milk production works during pregnancy. Learn hand expression by collecting colostrum beginning at 38+ weeks for low risk moms, 

The BREAST Friend Kit comes with your purchase of this online

hand expression self-paced course.

Click the image below to download.

Express Yourself (2).png


SOUTHERN Comfort Measures Class 

Cost: $150 in home

Southern Comfort is a 2-hour express Labor Prep & Comfort Measures class covering the following:

Relaxation, useful movements and positions, vocalization, use of birth/peanut ball, massage, mindfulness meditation, breathing techniques, focal points, visualizations and guided imagery, the use of water therapy, music and sounds, positioning for labor comfort and aromatherapy.


This class discusses how to shorten your labor, pain management and how your partner can fully support you through your labor.

A must for all honeys planning a vaginal birth, unmedicated, epidural and VBAC!



TIT-Bits Tuesday  ​

Cost: $20ea

Pop-up prenatal breastfeeding education in bite-size pieces. Subscribe ot keep up with the dates to this class which is held on Tuesdays during lunch  ( 6:00pm ) so grab a snack and join us for a lunch and learn on MILK!

Class 1 Express Yourself (Hand Expression & Colostrum Collection)  

Class 2 Touch of Honey (Breast Massage and Engorgement Relief) 

Class 3 The Art of Breastfeeding (Positioning and Latch) & Bottle Feeding 

Class 4 Oh Babee! Normal Newborn Behaviour & Infant Feeding