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Join the hive, with a HONEYBEE subscription for monthly TEXT/EMAIL lactation support to increase the duration of your breast or chest feeding journey. 

Milk + Honey subscriptions are serviced in 1 month, 2 months or monthly recurring plans for your journey.  Receive a monthly service of email/text lactation support during your first four to eight weeks of breast or chest-feeding after delivery.  Research has shown that counseling with evidence based information about concerns, personalized care, ongoing support and referrals to local providers as needed has been proven to increase breast or chest feeding initiation and duration goals while increasing confidence. This service can also be used as a supplement follow up for a previous concern from a home or virtual visit conducted with me.


It is suggested to subscribe for two months if you are beginning your breast or chest feeding journey when uncomplicated challenges occur. This service does not replace the advice or your medical provider, it serves to provide updated evidence based education for common breastfeeding challenges. 

Once your payment is made you will be sent a link to download the OhMD app, a free text messaging service that is HIPAA compliant within 24 -48 hours to conduct ALL text/email consults. An intake form which documents you and your baby's medical history MUST be completed BEFORE services can begin per HIPAA compliance.

Why name us HoneyBEES??

The bee reminds you life is sweet and you can get much out of it. The honey-bee brings a message of teamwork. It shows you that you can accomplish much with the resources you have at your disposal. It is also a symbol of the sun (goddess), community and celebration. What better representation than the honeybee for the mother.

HoneyBEES Subscription.png