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I am committed to providing quality services for an optimal pregnancy, labor, breastfeeding journey transitioning into a thriving postpartum. 


Birth is sacred, spiritual and intimate. My services provide the space to be vulnerable and confident to provide you with an optimal laboring experience. Your birth team and environment influences your laboring, breastfeeding and postpartum recovery. 


My birth services approach is backed by nerdy science facts coupled with radical postpartum support. 

Together, we devise a tailored care plan for your birth preference  

I fit breastfeeding into your postpartum lifestyle.


No matter what lifestyle you maintain, I can help whether you are :

  • A stay at home parent

  • Returning to work/school 

  • A NICU/Preemie 

  • Teen parents

Breastfeeding isn't easy. It is a learned art. You too can master the art of breastfeeding with education supported by skilled postpartum and lactation care. 


I can show you how, honey...

Your postpartum experience should be filled with love, support, rest and learning to nurse your baby.


How you handle and recover form your postpartum period can affect you for a lifetime, honey,


I couple evidence based education with empowering support for mothers to gain the maternal confidence it takes to trust their instincts, understand the biological designs and norms of your baby, how breastfeeding actually works while instilling the mantra, you are enough. 

Managing and maintaining your lifestyle circumstances in the postpartum period shouldn't come at the expense of your breastfeeding journey, honey. 

Using the Milk + Honey approach we will evaluate biological norms for your baby backed by nerdy science facts and take into account your lifestyle circumstances to develop a plan to reach your postpartum and breastfeeding goals. We take into consideration your personal needs and your family's needs as well to achieve what moms want most -- rest, recovery and milk.  

You'll love my approach if you:

Want to give birth in a more natural setting


Want ongoing pregnancy, birth and postpartum support.


Want to spend more time with your baby

Want to create a stronger bond with your baby

Like to co-sleep or bedshare with your baby

Want to empower your family with education as well. 

Are committed to breast/chest feeding your newborn

Want to find the balance between being a new mother and the family you have. 

Are interested in responding to your baby's biological needs. 

Want to parent responsibly and feel good about the choices you are making for your family 

Ready to work together, honey?



Don't think you can just wing it after having your baby. Start planning now for your postpartum recovery with my New Beginnings Postpartum Planning Kit. This planning kit  will help you and your partner dialog and create a plan for your recovery time.  Why would you need a plan for after the baby? 

           Most mothers forget about the day to day duties of the household after                  your baby arrives

           Prepares a mother or caregiver for the lying in period especially if you                    desire to breastfeed,


           A plan helps to focus attention on your desired outcomes

           Helps to define your healthcare team should problems occur.

           Helps to guide your decision making. 

the milk + honey co. 
Birth, Lactation + Perinatal Wellness
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