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Welcome to Our Month of Love to Latch Breastfeeding Hive


Join our communiT.E.A. of honeys supporting each other on this beautiful adventure during the month of LOVE.

Where Childbirth and Lactation Intertwine

Embrace the journey of parenthood with our expert led Childbirth to Breastfeeding classes and Doula support with our FLASH SALE  


From prenatal tips to postpartum care.
Let s navigate this together, honey.


Topics Include:

- Heart to Heart Connection: Fostering Emotional Closeness w/ Skin to Skin

-Sweetheart Feeds: Colostrum Milk & Hand Expression in the early days

- Loving Latch: Gentle Position & Latching Techniques

- Pumping Passion: Pumping & Bottle Feeding

- Cupid's Cuddle Crew: A Symphony of Support in Breastfeeding

- Love Circles: Community Care Through Breastfeeding & finding support

Unlock the secrets of a loving and gentle latch and nourish the bond with your babee.

Heart to Heart Connection with your partner.

In this heartwarming class, you'll explore the art of breastfeeding the vital role you play in supporting your partner on this beautiful journey .


Sweetheart Feeds with Colostrum Milk That Embrace LOVE in The First Days of Nursing

In the early days of breastfeeding and pumping, colostrum, often referred to as 'Liquid Gold' takes center stage. These sweetheart feeds are more than nourishment; they are the first gift of LOVE a honey provides a babee. 


Learn to LOVE to latch with gentle latching and positioning techniuqes. 

Pump with Passion And Learn The Art of
Pumping And Bottle Feeding  

Embark on a transformative journey with this class to unleash the power of pumping with purpose and embrace the art of expressing liquid love for your babee. 


Secure your spot for a heartwarming experience. Let LOVE and lactation thrive.  

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