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Prenatal, Parenting Classes & Doula Workshops 
Father and Son
The Bearth and The B.E.E.S. 

Childbirth Education Series

***I am Lamaze trained my certification pending end of summer 2024

and this class is based off of the 6 Lamaze Healthy practices***

Taking this 10+ HOUR guarantees you will learn how to advocate for the natural physiological process of your birth as well as your right to breastfeed too. TBATB class will educate you letting labor happen naturally, on the effects of pain medications and interventions and how they can affect the onset of milk production.  Do you want to go along to get along with their normality of rushing birth, which may not include a vision you have for your birth? No?! Then you need this class, honey! I am spilling the T.E.A. on birthing fearlessly and feeding joyfully in this prenatal class. 

**Virtual and Private Options available***

Topics Include:

#1 Let Labor Begin On It's Own 

#2 Walk, Move Around and Change Positions Throughout Labor 

#3 Bring a Loved One, Friend or Doula for continuous support

#4 Avoid Interventions That Are Not Medically Necessary 

#5 Avoid Giving Birth On Your Back and Follow Your Body's Urges To Push 

#6 Keep Your Babee With You - It's Best For You, Your Babee and Breastfeeding 


Bonus: You Create a Birth Plan After This Class

Mother and son sitting on sofa breastfeeding at home.jpg
The First Latch 

Breastfeeding 101 2hr Class 

This is a unique class that seamlessly blends the art of breastfeeding with the therapeutic benefits of infant touch. Designed to empower mothers-to-be and new mothers alike, this class offers a holistic approach to breastfeeding education and support.

Led by a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist and experienced Infant Massage Educator, our class provides a nurturing environment where participants can learn, share, and connect with other mothers on their breastfeeding journey.


Breast Anatomy & Physiology

Colostrum/Hand Expression For Formula Prevention

The Golden Hours & Hormonal Shifts

Latch and Positioning to Prevent Injury

Program Your Milk Supply

Breast Health: Engorgement, Inflammation of Mastitis  

Oral Restrictions & Health  

Stress Free Pumping & Storage

Importance of Prenatal/Postpartum Nutrition

Postpartum Planning for Mind, Body & Babee Wellness


Baby Sleeping
A Touch of Honey
Infant Massage Class​


Throughout the journey of postpartum recovery, touch becomes a healing balm, soothing the physical and emotional strains of childbirth. With skilled hands and loving hearts, caregivers offer massages that melt away tension and fatigue, restoring vitality and vigor to the weary mother. Each stroke is infused with tenderness and compassion, a testament to the profound beauty of the maternal journey beginning with skin to skin and breastfeeding.


Supports bonding between babee and parent

Development of body awareness

Builds trust and communication skills between your and your babee

Display boundaries through cues and feedback which gives your babee their first voice 

Calms and relaxes the body of the child and caregiver(s)

Supports babee's nervous system development

Relieves body tension for a better latch experience 

Induces oxytocin for a boost in milk supply

Can relieve colic and help with upset stomach

Can improve sleep for babee and the whole family

Can help with postpartum depression

Help honeys connect after a cesarean birth 

Promotes weight gain in NICU babee's 

Supports relief from constipation 

Our Bumble & Learn Workshops Are Super Cool & Fun!!!

IMG_1262 (1)_edited_edited.jpg

We are thrilled to extend an invitation for collaboration on our upcoming workshops focused on infant massage, newborn care, and breastfeeding. As experts in these fields, we recognize the profound impact that informed and compassionate care can have on new parents and their babies. Your expertise and passion for nurturing the well-being of families make you an ideal partner for this initiative.

 We will provide all materials needed and can accommodate groups of 10 at a time. 


About the Bumble & Learn Workshops


Our workshops aim to provide new and expecting parents with essential skills and knowledge to ensure a healthy and joyful start for their infants. The topics covered include:

  • Infant Massage: Techniques and benefits for bonding and relaxation.

  • Newborn Care: Practical tips and best practices for day-to-day care.

  • Breastfeeding: Guidance on effective breastfeeding practices and overcoming common challenges.

Let's Connect!!

Have a few more questions about support or services? We love connecting with new or seasoned families to make the parenting journey less stressful.


Would you like to hire us for a parenting workshop? Leave a message below!




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