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baby backwash saves lives

Who wants backwash???? YOU do, honey?! Ever wondered how breastmilk knows your baby is sick....keep reading!

Breastfeeding benefits your baby’s immune system by providing antibodies, immune factors, enzymes, and white blood cells that protect your baby against a wide variety of diseases and infections not only while he is breastfeeding but in some cases long after he has weaned. Formula cannot offer!

“When a baby suckles at its mother's breast, a vacuum is created. Within that vacuum, the infant's saliva is sucked back into the mother's nipple, where receptors in her mammary gland read its signals. This "baby backwash” contains information about the baby's immune status. Everything scientists know about physiology indicates that baby spit backwash is one of the ways that breast milk adjusts its immunological composition. If the mammary gland receptors detect the presence of pathogens, they compel the mother's body to produce antibodies to fight it, and those antibodies travel through breast milk back into the baby's body, where they target the infection.” (Katie

When baby’s saliva and breastmilk mix, they inhibit the growth of some microorganisms for up to 24 hours afterward. Neonatal saliva and breast milk release the antibacterial compound hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide remains active at pH levels similar to baby's stomach, so we think that this antimicrobial activity seen in the mouth may also continue within the baby's stomach and intestines” (sciencedaily) #BreastfeedingIsLIFE

Breastfeeding is extremely important in the first few weeks and months in life to give baby a strong start into their first year!! Amazing what the human body can do!!





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