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black babies are dying

We focus so much on the benefits of breastfeeding that we don’t talk enough about the RISKS of NOT breastfeeding.

#DidYouKnow African American infants have THE HIGHEST RATES of infant mortality and are 3.2 times as likely to die from complications related to low birthweight AND have over twice the sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) mortality rates. (CDC) .

Low birthweight deaths in black babies were due to premature births (before 37 weeks). SOLUTION: When moms of preemies breastfeed, the milk they produce is more rich in proteins and has slightly different fats than later breast milk. It's specially designed to help a premature infant through those first difficult weeks. It increases chances of survival by 20% when preemies are breast-fed.

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Infants' immune systems are immature and formula is not easily digested sending baby into a deep sleep. SOLUTION: Breastfeeding for at least two months reduces the risk of SIDS by almost 50 percent. Breast milk helps to provide necessary antibodies to fight infections such as RSV and pneumonia which contributes to inflammation of the lungs which can lead to SIDS. Breastfed infants are more easily aroused from sleep than formula-fed babies which promotes better safe sleep.

Image: Parents Magazine

Milk + Honey Co.’s mission is to create breastfeeding awareness in communities lacking support for women but black women in particular.


Do you know a new mom to be and not sure if she’s breastfeeding?? Tag her in this post so that we can show her not only the benefits but the RISKS of NOT breastfeeding. #ComeOnInAndGetThisTEAHoney


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