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creating a postpartum sanctuary for recovery

Know 3 Pain Points Every New Parent Should Address NOW during pregnancy regarding rest in the postpartum!!

I cannot say enough of how this is a key factor into the transition into postpartum recovery. Plan for rest the best way you can, honey. This means adding to what you have. If you have to the means to transform a private room or space by all means make your space yours but if you have modest means then utilize the space you have and add elements that enhance the five senses. This can be the stepping stone to a calmer space to rest or even nurse, peacefully.

Establishing a tranquil and serene sleep space within the sanctuary is crucial for rejuvenation. Although you and your partner will probably pass out anywhere you sit still for 10 minutes.

Sleep will come for you!!

Using these three pain points that is often brought up or planned for in the postpartum.

Sleep deprivation:

Amidst the joy of welcoming a new life, sleep becomes a luxury. Lack of sleep can exacerbate postpartum recovery, leaving parents exhausted and overwhelmed.

Emotional Well-being:

Postpartum emotions can be tumultuous due to a huge normal shift, ranging from euphoria to anxiety and everything in between. A sanctuary should provide a safe haven for processing these emotions, offering solitude and support when needed.

Physical Comfort:

The body undergoes immense changes during pregnancy and childbirth, often resulting in discomfort. From sore muscles to hormonal fluctuations, prioritizing physical comfort within the sanctuary is essential for promoting healing and relaxation.

Creating a nurturing postpartum sanctuary involves addressing these pain points, ensuring that both body and mind find solace amidst the beautiful chaos of new parenthood. 💕

Plan for your postpartum with workbook to guide you step by step from co caption to reception tips, checklists and more.

For a 1:1 Bearth or Postpartum planning session or postpartum services. Connect here for womb to the room support, honey!!


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