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honey b.e.e.s. group doula care

Hey Honey!!

How are you feeling today?

Well me??? I'm excited to announce the expansion of my into office support for birth and breastfeeding consults on Wednesdays & Thursdays beginning in August.

One of my services that I am so happy to begin back again is my breastfeeding support group, Chocolate Milk & Honey T.E.A.

The village is here, honey!!

We're adding more services to birth support that will make doula care more accessible to everyone. Group care WORKS. I began my journey into breastfeeding support in 2018 by starting the Black breastfeeding support group Chocolate Milk & Honey T.E.A.

and I am coming back to my roots of group support.

There are so many benefits to group prenatal care for expectant families. Participating in group care will

👉🏽 give you better prenatal knowledge

👉🏽 give you the confidence to labor & birth

👉🏽 give you more satisfaction with overall care,

👉🏽 meet a breastie to journey through the

👉🏽 increase you initiation of breastfeeding

and more!!

Villages are especially important for breastfeeding because new honeys learn in groups by watching other honeys feed their babees. Our babees are simply hard wired to breastfeed we aren't.

It's a beautiful and delicate dance between the two of you that facilitates bonding, warmth, food and security.

Honey B.E.E.S. Doula provides

Group Childbirth & Breastfeeding Education

Unlimited text/email support during pregnancy

50% off The Boobtïk started boxes

In person active labor & afterbirth care

One Lactation wellness visit on day 3

One follow up office visit

Access to our breastfeeding group

Start building that

village here...

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