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how to wash newborn baby clothes

So your beautiful baby is almost here and you've been collecting, buying and receiving tons of baby clothes and you simply cannot wait to dress baby up in the cutest of onesies.

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But wait, honey? Wash your new baby's clothes first.

When you purchase your baby's newborn clothes brand new it does not necessarily mean that they are clean. Many manufacturers add harsh chemicals to prevent wrinkling and mold growth and those same chemicals can cause your baby's skin to become red and irritated. Baby clothes also contain excess dyes and can rub off on your baby's skin. Washing your baby's clothes before they wear them will reduce the chances of skin irritations and help to keep baby comfortable.

Washing your baby clothing prior to baby's arrival will reduce the risk.

Step 1

Separate baby's clothes according to color. For example, whites, bright/pastels and dark colors separately. Separating the colors according to color will protect the whites and lighter colored clothing from stains caused by the dyes.

Step 2

Wash each pile individually with a baby friendly detergent Baby detergents do not contain harsh chemicals and dyes that can cause common skin irritations.

Step 3

Run your baby's clothes through the rinse cycle twice to guarantee all of the chemicals and dyes have been adequately rinsed out of your baby's clothes.

Step 4

Place your baby's clothes in the dryer with no dryer sheets either or our preference that is environmentally friendly, hang them to dry after washing. If you must use fabric softener, use one designed for baby clothes.

Step 5

Fold the clothes and store them in a secure and clean, dry drawer or bin to keep them free of dust.

Step 6

Have fun playing dress up with baby.

pic courtesy of Black Moms Blog


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