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is breastfeeding going well?

Honey! SAVE this post but I’ll be back around. 😉

Frequent and unpredictable feeding is part of your babees normal transition from womb to world. Your baby never felt hungry in utero. They were fed consistently by the nutrients from the umbilical cord.

👣After birth the feeling of hunger kicks in for the first time and babee wants to feed a lot.

👣Small, frequent feedings make this transition much easier until babee is used to being outside of the comfy womb.

👣These frequent and tiny feeds are ideal for your babee’s tiny tummy.

‼️When breastfeeding is going well, small feedings during the first 6 weeks often mean periods of very frequent and sometimes nonstop breastfeeding called "cluster nursing." Your baby may also go longer between feedings at other times.‼️

🗣Honey, are you ready to get serious about your journey and crush yourgoals?!

🔆Then The First Latch 🔆 class is for you!! Come and learn:

✔️Normal newborn behaviors

✔️The Golden Hour

✔️How to build and KEEP your milk supply through weaning

✔️Build the confidence to achieve your goals

✔️Learn evidence based techniques to benefit you and baby

✔️Make a few breast friends along the way

and so much more!

The next class is DEC 4th, my LAST class of the year! 🥺 I’d love to meet you, honey!! Click here to sign up!!


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