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november | prematurity awareness month

Providing your breast milk for a premature or seriously ill newborn can be challenging but it is definitely doable. It is the most beneficial way to enhance baby’s development and growth. If your baby is unable to breastfeed at first, you can begin expressing your milk immediately after giving birth. Reach out to an IBCLC to our together a care plan to maintain your milk supply.

If providing breast milk is challenging try donor breast milk.

Wait, donated breast milk? Yes!

pic courtesy of @babylist

Honey, we are ecstatic that this Mom was able to express milk for her baby but this pic represents so much more! Human milk donors save preemie babies lives. ⠀ ⠀

Receiving breastmilk for your baby while in the hospital can shorten the time and prevent infections. Breastmilk is beneficial because it helps babies immune system fight bacteria and viruses providing the best nutrition for baby to develop and grow. More importantly, babies that are fed breastmilk are able to go home sooner than babies that are fed formula.

If you are one of these honey’s, have you considered donating milk to moms in need especially babies in NICU! Read more on donor milk here.

If you’re here in Atlanta and would like to donate visit Breastfeed Atlanta‘s webpage to learn more


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