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Are you interested in becoming an aspiring IBCLC of color?

We are dedicated to increasing the presence of Black and Brown lactation professionals and IBCLCs in your community. Join our Facebook group to learn what a lactation professional is and how to begin the journey to becoming an IBCLC of color.

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Community Lactation Peer Workshop
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"Your social media is your lobby, your website is your receptionist."

Community Lactation Peer Workshop

Most birth & postpartum doula trainings offer minimal and basic training on breast and chest feedig support. Are you a birth worker looking to provide better breastfeeding support to your clients after birth? Then this community lactation education is for you. This workshsop is for doulas or perinatal community health workers and/or anyone who has a passion for advocating for human milk for human babees. This workshop will  to enhance your skills and knowledge of lactogenesis by understanding how birth affects the initiation of the first latch, recognizing complications early, optimal positioning and latch techniques, alternatives to feeding a babee, preserving the breastfeeding relationship and when to refer a newborn for help. 

Encouraging Prenatal Education 

Impact of Birth on Breastfeeding

Importance of The Golden Hour 

Hand Expression/Engorgement

Newborn Behavior & Feeding Cues 

Positioning & Latch 

Is Babee Getting Enough

Alternate Feeding: Cup Spoon Syringe

When to Call an IBCLC

Networking and Building a Team

 ***this course does not satisfy the hours needed for breastfeeding education certification credits.    

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Looking for more community support as a rising Black postpartum doula?


Postpartum doulas are critical in facilitating the postnatal care, emotional and physical healing of a new mother. Join my FB group to find the support needed for your business from anywhere in the world. 


Greetings Budding Birth & Postpartum Doulas!!


I have been a postpartum doula for 4 years and have developed much insight through the experiences of new mothers, fathers and families and what support they need to transition smoothly into the fourth trimester through my specialized Maternal Child health training. 


How can you serve your target audience as well as your community??


I have created a digital postpartum planner to not only complement your services but enhance your support for your postpartum clients. This planner has the basic structure of the five basic needs a new mom  should consider, her village, interacting with nature, partner connection, creating a sanctuary for rest, postpartum nutrition and a little more in between. If you have any other certifications, licenses or specialties, I encourage to curate this planner to fit the needs or your clients to properly prepare for their recovery.


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