Why is my babee nursing constantly?



Welcome to the Milk + Honey Co. Virtual Learning Hive where pregnancy care is imagined differently. I am increasing the support to communities by creating online breastfeeding classes that families can enroll in at their own time and pace. The First Latch class introduces the basics of breastfeeding. Topics include breast anatomy, milk supply, hand expression, newborn behavior and bottle feeding returning to work, learn how human milk production works or maybe a just a quick refresher during your postpartum journey. 



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When will my milk come in?

Sign up for my online self paced The First Latch master class on the Art of Breastfeeding and Bottle feeding for maximum milk supply. 

Finding the right prenatal class can be overwhelming with so many options. The First Latch discusses all the necessary topics for you to understand how breastfeeding works. I provide prenatal and postpartum breastfeeding education to help prepare parents for the inevitable changes that come before and how to breast or chest feed in real life after your babee joins the family.  The Partum Me Honey planner  provides ideas on how to best prepare for and manage these changes in the healthiest way possible.  This masterclass helps prepare parents for the inevitable changes that come before and after a new baby joins the family. The First Latch is beneficial prenatally and after you have a baby. Newly breastfeeding parents are welcomed too. 


Breastfeeding Topics include:


Anatomy + Physiology of the Breast
Programming Your Milk Supply
Positioning + Latch

Hand Expression
Normal Newborn Behavior

The Early Weeks

Building and Keeping Milk Supply 


Bottle Feeding

Storage Guidelines

Returning to Work/School
When to Seek Help

Setting Realistic Goals

Prioritizing Rest Milk Supply 

Postpartum Confidence + Support

Next LIVE Class: May 28, 2022 10:30am EST

***this class is limited for pregnant and newly breastfeeding families***


Already on your journey and need a little guidance? Try my breastfeeding TIT-Bits of information in bite size portions LIVE. 

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Launching May 6, 2022

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***discount expires April 30, 2022***