Bianca did all the things she was asked to do to help her babee but IBCLCs discouraged her from continuing to build her supply and getting babee back to breast. 

Several visits later she turned to a TOTs trained specialist and joined the Milk + TOTs program. 

"An E3 Model of Care® for TETHERED ORAL TISSUE. This includes relevant background information on how tethered oral tissues affect oral function from birth to maturity."

-Chrysalis Orofacial

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I remember thinking something was wrong when I received the longest text message from a client. Once I read what she sent my heart sank but I became immediately became a little offended at the lazy lactation care she was provided at a well known center. If you don't have skills or at THE LEAST refer a provider to keep the continuum of care going. None of the providers she had seen assessed for an oral restriction.  


"My milk SUPPLY didn't increase a whole lot that following Monday.."

Breast milk will not wait for you. An nursing through an undiagnosed oral restriction can have a major impact on your current and future milk supply.



Parents often hear conflicting information from healthcare providers or even worse have incomplete releases don. TOTs are not part of the curriculum in medical or dental school or even some lactation programs.

Just like lactation education isn't included in medical school programs either. Do you see the hamster wheel here?


I have invested in this specialty because I have seen so many failed breastfeeding relationships from providers because they miss this important piece of the puzzle. Providers must have a special interest and seek out TOTs classes and continuing education on their own. This is one reason the TOTs road can be a very confusing journey. A well-meaning practitioner dismiss classic TOTs symptoms without realizing it. Continuing education is necessary for anyone assessing for ties. My goal is to communicate what I see and refer you to recommended providers with informed choice. 

To release or not release?


The answer is not always easy. A tongue tie label does not mean your baby is destined for a surgical procedure. Though a frenotomy/frenectomy (procedure to release restricted tissue) can be helpful for many babies with TOTs, some families prefer to avoid surgery.


The most important part of the tongue tie journey is to address each family’s individual needs.

Bodywork/manual therapy (infant massage, craniosacral therapy, chiropractic, therapeutic tummy time, etc.) is an essential part of optimizing infant feeding. If the floor of the mouth is very tight, it is important to help this tissue relax with body work. For some babies, this relaxation improves feeding enough to avoid surgery. But, if a frenotomy is needed, having bodywork done prior to the surgery can help the provider see the restrictive tissue more clearly and prepares the baby for surgery which results in a better release.

Welcome to Milk and TOTs™

Imagine if we could skip past the unnecessary forces of NORMALIZE and DISMISS. This is the culture healthcare has descended upon. Milk + TOTs ™ meets every mother or caregiver where they are and listens to execute a culturally comprehensive plan of care and action. This is not only evidence-based care but practice informed care. 

What makes my PROTOCOL so effective? 

I utilize the TOTs Chrysalis Orofacial E3 model of care to screen and assess for ties coupled with exercises to strengthen the tongue before as well as after a release. Studies have been shown to have better outcomes when a release is accompanied with the appropriate therapy to follow. A breastfeeding dyad is no different. In fact your journey may have many ups and owns through the healing process as our infant grows.


Using our BABY model of care you will receive 8 weeks of ongoing support to facilitate desirable outcomes after a release to get you and your babee back to breast. Rehabilitation program where we help your baby improve their oral motor function so that you can achieve easy breastfeeding. 


Milk and TOTs™  


Program is based off four pillars for optimal nursing 

- Batch all of the information we have gathered to identify all the potential causes of your baby's poor feeding skills & breastfeeding challenges

- Agility of the tongue is achieved through mobility to improve the range of motion with the use of tailored exercises to release & see rapid improvements

- Bodywork with pre & post-release (if needed) activities & support  to reduce the likelihood of reattachment or feeding aversion 

- Your tailored plan of care will be created ad executed with follow up visits and step-by-step guidance to make short term improvements become a standard in their quality of life.


While this is a time commitment in it self w utilize body modalities and exercises that you can incorporate into your child's daily activities to achieve optimal function. 


The 8-week program will provide the support & expert guidance you need to see massive improvements.


Program Timeline 

This is an example of the expected timeline for the program. Because your program is tailored to your baby and their specific feeding skill, your baby may follow a different timeline.




Pre Release Consult 

Bodywork w/in 24-48 hours 

Release w/in 7-20days

Follow Up w/in 24-48hrs

Bodywork w/in 3 days

Therapy 30-60 days



Members who stick with Milk + TOTs™ and follow their plan of action often see significant progression. 


Here's what's included: 


  • (1) 60-90 min Initial Consultation/Home Visit

  • (3) 45-minute follow up sessions

  • Personalized Agility Plan

  • Nipple Pain & Damage Care Plan

  • Oral Function Support 

  • Pump & Nipple Shield Weaning Plan

  • Supplementation Weaning Guide

  • Pre & Post Release Activities

  • Milk Supply Management

  • Weekly Check-ins

  • Unlimited Live Chat Support