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Congratulations, honey!!

Birth Doula Support

Birth better, breastfeed better!!


a doula is a trained support person that provides evidence based education on prenatal nutrition, natural childbirth, physical and emotional support to assist honeys through labor & birth.

as your doula, my services GUARANTEE that I will

SUPPORT, educate, advocate, coach, and nurture and feed honeys to-bee throughout their pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and postpartum journey

help to NORMALIZE and educate you on feelings and bodily sensations that happen during pregnancy, which can feel very scary and unnerving for a first-time honey.


help UNPACK previous birth trauma that may cause angst or concerns.

provide techniques for COMFORT MEASURES such as massage and pressure points, particularly in labor, physical-touch is incredibly beneficial in helping the honey-to-bee maintain a sense of comfort and control.


collaborate with your PARTNER on how to support you and your environment before birth, I teach the anatomy of labor and birth, comfort techniques, pressure points, and the use of aromatherapy.

provide EVIDENCE BASED education on breastfeeding and obtaining a pain free first latch and ensuring breastfeeding or pumping gets off to a great start after childbirth.

As a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist with TOTs specialty training and postpartum doula, I offer lactation services that protect the initiation of the first latch. I provide prenatal, immediate and postpartum lactation support within the first 40 days of breastfeeding to ensure honeys get off to a great start. I assist with challenges in the early days and utilize resources if babee's needs warrant further attention beyond my scope. I offer healing and holistic birth to afterbirth care and remedies, but also a non-judgemental ear. I visit families in person or virtually when they are comfortable after birth for postpartum care to talk about your birth, newborn care, postpartum support, babee wearing techniques, breastfeeding care and referrals to perinatal health and wellness practitioners if needed. 

Birth companion  services with an action plan that delivers the results of a positive birth experience you deserve, honey!

You have options, honey! 

Birth fearlessly into learning the joyful art of breastfeeding and SLEEP with my birth to breastfeeding doula packages. 


****Because I take a limited amount of 2 -3 clients a month, my calendar books up fairly quickly, so don’t hesitate to book your consultation or pay your retainer fee today! I can’t wait to serve your family. 90 day payment plans are available.  A required 50% retainer fee of which $500 is non refundable retainer fee after 48 hours is required for all birth doula packages to retain birth services and add you to my calendar EXCEPT birth only support in which the full balance is due before services will begin. Receive $100 off if you pay for services in full with the exception of birth only support. Let's chat over coffee to see if I vibe with your family.

Do I really need doula at my birth??

you need continuous labor & birth support catered to you 


Cost: $2500

in person support

Prenatal Honey Visits to include:

Birth & Partner Support Planning/Prenatal Nutrition 

Stages of Labor/Comfort Measures/Breathing Exercises  

Breastfeeding Class

Farm To Table Nutrition Boxes 

The Breast Friend Kit 

Partum Me, Honey Box

Postpartum Planning Digital eBook  

Candid/Raw Birth Photos/Video

Birth Ball to Keep

Use of labor tools (TENS Unit, Birth Balls, Massagers, Aromatherapy, etc.)

Unlimited text/email/phone support throughout pregnancy

On call support beginning at 37 weeks until delivery*

 Active labor & birth support and afterbirth care through The Golden Hours3

 3 Postpartum Wellness Visits include:

 Lactation consultation, babee-wearing session, therapeutic processing of birth story by day 3-4 on day 10 after birth and belly binding session (fabric included), PMAD's screening

  Postpartum Doula Visits

less likely to have a cesarean birth.

Honey to BEE 

Cost: $1800 1:1 support

Prenatal Honey Visits to include:

Virtual Birth Planning /Prenatal Nutrition Planning 

Labor & Comfort Measures/Breathing Techniques 

 Breastfeeding Class

Partum Me Honey Planning eBook

Use of labor tools (TENS Unit, Birth Balls, Massagers, Aromatherapy, etc.)

Unlimited text/email pregnancy support 

On call support at 37 weeks until delivery 

Active labor + birth support and afterbirth care through The Golden Hours 

 1 Lactation visit to include: babee-wearing instruction, therapeutic processing of birth story on day 3-4.

increased chances of breastfeeding your babee, honey...

Birthday Honey

Cost: $900 

Unlimited email and text

On call starting 37 weeks

Active Labor, Birth & Afterbirth Care through Golden Hour

1 Lactation Visit by day 5 after delivery 

****this package is for multiple honeys only***

more likely to rate your childbirth experience positively



Cost: $1200

elective cesarean birth support

***cesarean birth support***

w/10 hrs overnight assistance an addt'l + $500

Breastfeeding Class/C-Section Prep

6 hours of in person support during your cesarean operation

(includes 2-3 hour operation support, lactation support up to 3 hours after delivery assistance with questions about procedures, advocate for your postpartum wishes, assistance to help with skin to skin, after operation, breastfeeding support, companionship, relief of partner support, newborn care, mobility and aftercare)

Breast Friend Kit for Colostrum Collection

2 Lactation Visits within 4 days of delivery & day 10 of delivery

2 Postpartum Visits from our team doula

less likely to use any pain medication achieving an unmedicated vaginal birth. 


start planning your birth vision today!!

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