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Mother Baby Bonding
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Feed Your Babee, Protect Your Supply, Find The Support! 

I have 4 1/2 years experience as a CBS (Certified Breastfeeding Specialist) with extensive TOTs specialty training and clinical experience with a local TOTs center, I am able to conduct feeding assessments with expectant and new families starting with the first latch in the early hours to weeks of breastfeeding and/or pumping. I believe all babees are hard wired to breastfeed and when breastfeeding becomes painfully difficult or challenges arise early I am here to prevent them from becoming clinical and get to the root of what the problem is, not normalize then dismiss your concerns. 

My certifications and clinical training include: 

- 95+ hours of education covering breastfeeding, anatomy, nutrition and more.

- 1,000+ hours of lactation-specific clinical experience

- provided 300+ clients with lactation support to babees with oral restrictions including low muscle tone, cleft lip palettes, Down Syndrome and more 

- Continuing 50+ hours of education hours each year.

- Re-certification every five years.


My TOTs training includes:

- Listing signs/symptoms of tethered oral tissues and correlated conditions

- Evaluate for presence and impact tethered oral tissues have on oral function, including specific evaluation protocols, proper oral exam and report writing

- Educate and communicate with patients, family, and other medical professionals regarding identification and treatment of tethered oral tissues, including educational tools and resources

- Execute a treatment plan for optimizing oral function in the post release of tethered oral tissues, including active wound management and specific treatment techniques

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What does a lactation consult include??

Holistic lactation consultations and support in our family oriented office or in the privacy of your own home allow you to relax while you feed for the most optimal feeding assessment during your visit. Breastfeeding is a family and community act so we invite you to bring your partner too. Your visit will consist of a health history; a breast, nipple and oral anatomy assessment; a pre- and post-feed weight to determine milk transfer; discussion on calibrating supply; hand expression demonstration, assessment of latch/positioning; assistance with breastfeeding aids/equipment; and a lactation road map to help you meet your breastfeeding goals. 

***Home visits are prioritized for babees two weeks and under***

***Follow up office appointment for all babees under 6 weeks is recommended***

I can help with:

Painful Latching

Weighted Feeds 

Inconsolable crying

Painful breastfeeding

Sore or cracked nipples/nipple trauma

Low milk supply 

Babee pops on off during feeding

Slow weight gain

Back to breast

Flange sizing


Engorgement relief

Baby is not latching on properly

Too much breast milk/oversupply management

"Plugged" Ducts/Inflammation

Cost: $255/90+min Initial Lactation Consult (home visit) 

$150/75min Office Consult/Prenatal Consult

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Enhance Your Journey With Healing
Massage and Babee Bonding For Milk Supply 

Massage and breastfeeding, each profound in their own right, converge to offer a symphony of benefits that nurture both mother and child, fostering a bond that transcends the physical realm. I conduct holistic healing sessions that include guided relaxation, gentle breast massage techniques to utilize throughout your journey for engorgement, inflammation reduction, edema, plugged ducts, mastitis, and Infant Massage Education to demonstrate healing massage strokes relieving anxiety and overwhelming feelings due to feeding issues related to breastfeeding such as body tension, oral dysfunction and milk supply. Healing lactation and infant massage can offer a multitude of benefits for lactating mothers, enhancing both the breastfeeding experience and overall bonding for you and your babee. 



Benefits for you, your babee and your milk supply;


Improved Milk Flow:

Breast massage can stimulate the mammary glands and encourage the flow of milk, helping to alleviate issues such as engorgement or blocked ducts. By gently massaging and compressing the breast tissue, massage can facilitate the release of milk, ensuring adequate supply for the babee.


Prevention and Treatment of Mastitis:

Mastitis, an inflammation of the breast tissue often accompanied by infection, can be relieved and prevented through therapeutic breast massage. Massage helps to alleviate congestion within the breast, promoting drainage of stagnant milk and reducing the risk of infection.


Relief from Engorgement:

Engorgement, a common issue for lactating honeys, occurs when the breasts become overly full and swollen with milk. Gentle massage can help to alleviate discomfort by promoting drainage of excess milk and reducing swelling.


Facilitation of Letdown Reflex:

Breast massage can stimulate the release of oxytocin, the hormone responsible for triggering the letdown reflex. By enhancing oxytocin release, massage can facilitate more efficient milk ejection, ensuring that the babee receives an adequate supply of milk during feeding sessions.

Enhanced Breast Health:

Regular breast massage can contribute to overall breast health by promoting circulation, reducing the risk of clogged ducts, and helping to maintain breast tissue elasticity. It can also serve as a valuable tool for early detection of any abnormalities or changes in breast tissue.

Relaxation and Stress Reduction:

Breast massage offers mothers a moment of relaxation and self-care in the midst of their busy breastfeeding routines. The soothing touch of massage can help to alleviate stress, tension, and anxiety, promoting a sense of well-being and relaxation.

Bonding and Connection:

Engaging in therapeutic breast massage can foster a deeper bond between honey and babee, as the physical closeness and nurturing touch enhance the emotional connection during breastfeeding sessions.

Enhanced Lactation Consults Available

(these sessions are supplementary services after a recommended initial lactation consult to enhance your journey.


Mommy & Babee Massage

Cost: $150/90min 

(Healing Mommy and Babee Indian/Swedish massage lesson for traumatic birth, disconnection, relaxation, better bonding,

and relief of body tension for a better latch.) 


Healing Lactation Massage for Engorgement/Inflammation/Plugged Ducts/Mastitis/Low Milk Supply

Cost: $150/1hr 

(Therapeutic breast massage techniques to enhance the duration of your lactation

journey. Reduces the stress and anxiety that can slow milk production in the early days to weeks of breastfeeding.) 

Mommmy & Me Massage

Breastfeeding starts during pregnancy, honey with education and ongoing support. Invest in your breast start now with a prenatal breastfeeding class.

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