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A Touch Of Honey 
Book Infant Massage

Are you ready to give your little one the gift of soothing touch and tender care? 

Our Infant Massage Sessions offer a serene oasis where you and your babee can unwind and connect on a deeper level. Learning how to massage your babee is one of the simplest, most enjoyable things you can do with your child! With this service, I teach parents and/or caregivers how to perform the massage on their babyee(s). Some of the benefits of massage are: 

Sessions can be taught 1:1 or class style

The strokes taught have been created by Vimala McClure, author of Infant Massage, A Handbook for Loving Parents. Vimala is the founder of the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM), with headquarters in Sweden. Infant Massage USA is the US chapter under which I am trained with a pending certifcation as a Certified Infant Massage Educator (CEIM).


What should you expect from this class?

Jada Metcalf, CCHW, CBS, Doula 

During our Infant Massage Sessions, you and your babee will experience a tranquil environment where relaxation and bonding take center stage. As a trained Infant Massage Educator I will guide you through gentle techniques designed specifically for your babee's delicate needs. 


Benefits include:


Supports bonding between babee and parent

Development of body awareness

Promotes relaxation form tension or oral dysfunction 

Builds trust and communication skills between your and your babee

First step to gentle parenting teaching babee how display boundaries through cues and gives your babee their first voice 

Calms and relaxes the body of the child and caregiver(s)

Supports babee's nervous system development

Induces oxytocin for a boost in milk supply

Can relieve colic and help with upset stomach

Can improve sleep for babee and the whole family

Can help with postpartum depression

Help honeys connect after a cesarean birth 

Promotes weight gain in NICU babee's 

Promtoes digestion and improved immunity

Supports relief from constipation 

If you know me, it can enhance your breastfeeding journey? 

Jada Metcalf, CCHW, CBS, Doula 

  • Promotes relaxation for both the mother and babee. It encourages the release of oxytocin, the "love hormone," which can aid in milk let-down and establish a positive breastfeeding experience.

  • Strokes can help alleviate tension and discomfort in the breastfeeding dyad, promoting a more comfortable feeding experience. Additionally, certain massage techniques

  • can aid in relieving common breastfeeding issues such as engorgement and inflammation commonly described as blocked ducts.

  • Through touch, eye contact, and skin-to-skin contact during massage, both honey and babee experience heightened feelings of closeness and intimacy, strengthening their bond during breastfeeding sessions.

  • Rhe relaxation and stress reduction benefits it offers can indirectly support healthy lactation. When honeys are relaxed and at ease, they may experience improved milk production and let-down reflex, leading to better breastfeeding outcomes.


Is there a recommended age to start infant massage for breastfeeding benefits?​

Infant massage can be introduced at any age, including from birth onwards. Starting massage early can establish a positive routine and enhance bonding during breastfeeding. However, even if you haven't practiced infant massage from birth, it's never too late to start reaping its benefits for breastfeeding.

I used these practices for my breastfeeding journey too!

Jada Metcalf, CCHW, CBS, Doula 


Infant massage alone can complement other strategies to improve breastfeeding latch.

Besides being a Trained Infant Massage Educator, I am also a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist with TOTs specialty training, Birth & Postpartum Doula. I have experience with providing breastfeeding support with babees that have oral dysfunction including but not limited too tongue ties and low muscle tone. Infant massage assists with muscle tone for a better latch and better milk removal and production. Massage techniques that

 focus on the babee's jaw, cheeks, and mouth

help relax tight muscles in the jaw and lips 

encourage a more effective latch, leading to a more comfortable and successful breastfeeding experience

builds strength by oral and facial muscles

may help optimize the latch and hence prevent nipple damage.


This class can be a wonderful addition to your treatment plan to hence leading to an optimal breastfeeding or bottle feeding journey. Please reach out for my lactation services too!

What is included in a session or class?

A Touch of Honey: Infant Massage

- Demonstration of massage strokes for the whole body, including legs, feet, stomach, chest, arms, face, and back (also includes a special set of strokes for gas/colic relief)
- Gentle movements (aka stretching exercises)
- Theories and other pertinent topics (ie benefits/history of infant massage, oils to use, behavioral cues of babies, how to massage your child as they grow, massage environment, and more)
- Discussion of any topic that you want to (such as sleeping, breastfeeding, feeding solids, developmental milestones, etc), 
-all-natural, edible oil given 

folder of massage technique handouts given

Cost: $150/90min In Person

$125/hr Virtual

Why Choose Me:


Experienced Instructor:

Certified and compassionate instructor here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring a positive and enriching experience for both you and your babee.

Supportive Community:

Connect with fellow parents, sharing stories, tips, and creating lasting friendships in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Beautiful Atmosphere:

Immerse yourself in a calming and comfortable space, designed to enhance the bonding experience between you and your little one.

Join Us Today:

Don't miss out on the opportunity to create lasting memories with your babee while gaining invaluable skills. Spaces are limited, so sign up for our Infant Massage Class now!

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