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The hive will help you to: 

Build a bearth action plan  that gives you the confidence ot advocate for you and your name and the freedom of having a stress free pregnancy. 

Curate your journey from the sacred moment of birth through the nurturing phase of breastfeeding and into the tender embrace of immediate postpartum care. 

Building and maintaining your postpartum plan by completing milestones within each phase of your journey through holistic care and wellness.

Give birth in a more positive setting whether in the hospital, home or birth center. Parent responsibly and responsively feeling confident about the choices you are making for your family.

Tap into the collective knowledge & experience of a community in real time with membership owner and experts who are there to guide and support each other.

Become infinitely better at managing your postpartum transition on a day to day basis, leaving more time to bond with your babee partner while reducing the stress in the fourth trimester. 

Mother and son sitting on sofa breastfeeding at home.jpg

Join the Mind, Body & Babee hive to level up your bearth!!

Choose your pricing plan to continue

  • Best Value

    Mind, Body & Babee (Monthly)

    Every month
    Become a member to receive discounts on services.
     7 day free trial
    • Monthly Expert Workshops
    • Weekly LIVE Q+A Sessions
    • Access to monthly breast/chest support groups
    • Referrals To Experts
    • Discounts on services and merchandise
    • Downloadable Templates & Worksheets
    • Weekly Prompts
    • 1:1 Virtual 10 in 10 Coaching Support
  • Mind, Body & Babee (Yearly)

    Receive a discount when you purchase a yearly plan. Receive all the benefits of the month to month.
    Valid for 12 months
    • Benefits of the month to month membership for 12 months
  • Business Coaching

    Every month
    Month To Month Birth Worker Coaching
    • Expert Guidance:
    • Tailored Mentorship:
    • Comprehensive Curriculum
    • Social Media Mastery
    • Web Design Wizardry
    • Email Marketing Excellence
    • Ongoing Support
    • Checklists. Contracts and Worksheets
    • Weekly Business Prompts and Deliverables

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