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Mother and Daughter
Death was no less a miracle than birth.” (1).png

The way your body was designed to.

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Because honey, what we aren't going to do is:

- Be afraid to birth your babee

- Rush your babee and the process of labor

- Accept that a healthy mom and babee is enough for you

- Not use your voice to advocate for informed consent

- Interrupt the oxytocin inducing Golden Hours

- Think only your provider knows whats best for you and your body

- Rush your babee to latch immediately after birth

It's not a coincidence you're here, it was meant to        
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And this is where I come educate you on how natural birth occurs and how to manage each stage of labor to labor at home longer to achieve a positive birth. Even if you're delivering at the hospital, waiting it out in the hospital isn't ideal nor will it increase your chances of a non medicated  or vaginal birth. Inductions can be a positive experience too, honey using my fearless Mind, Body & Babee model of care. 

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Honey and honey's to be. That's how I see all birthing persons.. a spoonful of honey.


You see, birth, babees, breastfeeding and connections are my jam and I am in awe of the human childbirthing process. 

I started with a love I call heyHONEY and I’ve been doing this breast friend work for 5 years. My mission is inspired by the lack of support during my own birthing journey and aims to drastically increase the generational health of Black and Brown communities through education and support surrounding birth and how it affects breastfeeding and through postpartum experience. My community work has awarded me national recognition as the 2020 Cultural Changemaker Award with the United States Breastfeeding Committee. I am currently a ROSE Community Transformer, Certified Community Health Worker and Maternal Helath Consultant specializing in Maternal Child Health. 

I like to think of myself as your honeybabee's AuntBee and a sister friend welcoming me into your homes and the lives of your new family. I'd love to serve you with a positive birth to breastfeeding experience. . 

Birthing in a safe and supported environment of your childbirth wishes is the first step to preparing for a joyful first latch after birth.

You want to breastfeed but you hear it doesn't come that easily.

 Stop listening to other people's journey and find individualized care with evidence based information that supports your journey. You NEED 

to know how to protect the immediate hours after childbirth and how bonding helps to initiate the first latch 

The continued support from birth to breastfeeding as well 

as you want to care for your newborn while recovering from giving birth

to thrive in your postpartum while getting much needed sleep

Hey, honey....I. See. You.

and that changes today. Invest in a holistic approach through my Mind, Body, Babee model of care. If one of those three are affected then they are all affected. Make the plan now for ways make your journey less stressful for you and your babee. 

Birth to breastfeeding classes will prepare you for labor during pregnancy, childbirth by teaching you effective laboring positions for each stage of labor and how to protect your breastfeeding rights immediately after any type of birth. 


Breastfeeding begins now in pregnancy! How do you plan to initiate breastfeeding after having your babee? How you birth will affect the first latch. Learn how to birth and prepare for how it will affect your babee after birth is a powerful tool to have before you give birth. whether medicated, unmedicated or cesarean birth will affect breastfeeding. Our childbirth to breastfeeding classes will help to prepare you for that day no matter how you birth. Making enough milk isn't the problem! You are enough. It's protecting your breastfeeding rights immediately after birth too. 

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On Demand 
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Do you desire IMMEDIATE help after birthing your babee?? On demand lactation support is available for you. Breastfeeding is in fact natural intuitively but may not be so eas with the first latch or last latch. There is joy in knowing how to feed your babee within the first hour of life into the weeks or years after.  Book a home or hospital visit for immediate virtual support and in person visit within 24-48 hours of delivery to get you off to the breast start of your breast or pumping journey.

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We offer budding business resources to birth, lactation and/or perinatal health professionals. Our services range from BIPOC community groups for aspiring and new lactation professionals and IBLCE exam candidates, classes and workshops for professionals, web design and social media services. 

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