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***servicing the following metro Atlanta counties: Fulton, Dekalb, City of Atlanta, Clayton, Henry, Fayette. All other counties please consider booking a virtual visit. 

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I provide quality non-judgemental breastfeeding support for an smoother transition into a thriving postpartum recovery. 

Virtual Lactation Support Anywhere In the World.

A virtual lactation consultation is a “face-to-face” breastfeeding appointment via your computer, smartphone or tablet with a specially trained lactation specialist who is trained to help breastfeeding moms learn the right techniques to feed their babies. Me, honey.. 

I am doing whatever I can to provide the same high-quality, judgment-free breastfeeding support that we have offered in person… just DIGITALLY.

I provide virtual services for families with uncomplicated challenges and need a few questions answered right in the comforts of your home. Breast or Chest.

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breastfeeding is
love. life. lunch.

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As a breastfeeding specialist and postpartum doula, I'll guide you and your family backed by evidence based facts to increase your maternal confidence and doing what feels natural. 

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Virtual drop in clinic is for ALL pregnant or breastfeeding families. . Come and stay as long as you'd like, honey! Let's chat over morning, coffee... 


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Don't go 40 weeks into pregnancy without preparing for the postpartum, Plan for the postpartum with a postpartum planner as a guide to building emotional and physical support and more.

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Are you a pumping honey, let's chat about flange sizing?

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Feed with confidence with my Breastfeeding For Success Kit. Learn how breastfeeding works, how often to feed your baby and know the signs when breastfeeding is going well.

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