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Hey, Honey!!

Congratulations!! Your village starts here...

Ready for a joyful first latch?

You want to breastfeed but you hear it doesn't come that easily

with the first or the last latch. BUT for now.....

 stop listening to other people's journey and find individualized care that supports your journey. You NEED 


To know how to initiate the first latch

Spend as much time bonding with your babee so protecting those golden hours is important 

The continued support from birth to breastfeeding as well 

as you want to care for your newborn while recovering from giving birth

to thrive in your postpartum while getting much needed sleep

Hey, honey....

I. See. You.

and that changes today. Invest in a holistic approach through my Mind, Body, Babee model of care. If one of those three are affected then they are all affected. Make the plan now for ways make your journey less stressful for you and your babee.


Birth to



Breastfeeding begins now in pregnancy, honey by making a superfood for your babee called Colostrum aka Liquid Gold. Let's curate a plan tailored to your needs to feed your babee human milk. Making enough milk isn't the problem! You are enough. It's protecting your breastfeeding rights immediately after birth too. Preparing before your babee arrives is key in lowering your anxiety around feeding while building your confidence in making and maintaining your milk supply. Learn how three key behaviors after birth can protect your initiation into your breastfeeding journey. Join us honey!

Birth Support



to birth FEARLESSLY, initiate a JOYFUL first latch and SMOOTHLY enter your postpartum experience. 



evidence based prenatal education 

culturally savvy and skilled lactation support 

birthing while feeling safe and supported no matter your environment 

feeling empowered to make informed consensual decisions for you and your family

Then a skilled birth to breastfeeding doula is what you need, honey! Let's chat about your birth vision and dream birth team.

On Demand Lactation Support 

Breastfeeding may be natural but it doesn't come so easily with the first latch or last latch always. There is still joy in knowing how to feed your babee within the first hour of life or weeks after.  Book a home or hospital visit for immediate support within 48 hours of delivery to get you off to the breast start of your breast or pumping journey.

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Gain the confidence to make more milk with the Breast Friend Kit!! 

Ready to make a difference in your community and breastfeeding? 

We offer budding business resources to birth, lactation and/or perinatal health professionals. Our services range from BIPOC community groups for aspiring and new lactation professionals and IBLCE exam candidates, classes and workshops for professionals, web design and social media services. 


The Boobtik has the finest hand curated pregnancy and postpartum supplies to complement your journey to matrescence. Shop with us for your belly and babee oils, bath soaks, balms & salves and more. Shop now, honey!

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