"When a mother can nurse her baby, she is happier and transitions into her postpartum experience smoothly." 

Nursing Newborn


Breastfeeding is a natural act that doesn't come so easy with the first or the last latch. The Milk + Honey Co. offers culturally competent and compassionate breastfeeding support for families struggling with a variety of concerns.

Once your baby arrives, you'll be caring for a newborn while recovering from giving birth, all on very little sleep. Consider your options with my postpartum planning guides.

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Begin your birthing journey from anywhere in the world with my virtual prenatal birthing and breastfeeding coaching. Book your support here.

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The Breast Friend Kit is beneficial for milk-making parents who may have a complicated medical history such as gestational diabetes, IUGR, planned or emergency C Sections which can all slow down Lactogenesis (milk production) It’s also a great tool to learn how milk production works and how utilizing hand expression in the early days can increase milk supply. This kit can also helps to reduce the anxiety of feeding your babee during the first three days while milk is transitioning. Latching babee is the best way but sometimes babee cannot and a little help is needed from mom. Book my hand expression class to complement this kit!

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Become an ambassador and document your breast or chest feeding journey with me from conception to reception.