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Pregnancy & Breastfeeding With A Loving Touch

I am passionate about supporting families on their breastfeeding journey and promoting optimal wellness for both mom and baby.

From prenatal education to postpartum support, I offer a range of services designed to nurture the bond between mother and child while ensuring a positive breastfeeding experience.

Founded & Operated By a Breastfeeding Mother of Two Tongue Tied Babees
It is no coincidence you are here, it was meant to bee.
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Breast/Lactation Clinic  

Baby Reflexology/Massage

Hey, honey!! 
I'm Jada...

​I’m a South Fulton county based Certified Maternal Child Community Health Worker, Certified Breastfeeding Specialist and Infant Massage Educator known for my expertise in birth to breastfeeding without fear and into a joyful first latch. You see, birth, babees, breastfeeding and bonding are my jam and I am in awe of the human milk-making process. 


I am the Maternal Plug for families that are looking to birth better, breastfeed better to transitioning into a smoother postpartum.


Childbirth & Breastfeeding Classes 

Start Here!!! Release the fear of low milk supply with prenatal childbirth to breastfeeding and beyond education.
Breastfeeding begins in pregnancy. Expand your knowledge and confidence with our comprehensive breastfeeding education programs. From understanding your baby's hunger cues to mastering the art of hand expression, I empower you with the knowledge and the skills you need to breastfeed successfully. Book a class today!! 

Breast Health Infant Feeding & Lactation Clinic

We provide one-on-one support and guidance to address any breastfeeding concerns or challenges you may encounter. We are TOTs specialty trained to assist babies that suffer from oral restrictions. Whether it's troubleshooting latch issues, managing engorgement, or navigating mastitis or bottle feeding, we're here to help you overcome obstacles and achieve your breastfeeding goals.

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Baby Reflexology  & Massage
Learn how to stimulate specific reflex points on your baby's feet and hands to address common issues such as colic, teething pain, and digestive discomfort. Discover the joy of nurturing touch and the profound connection it fosters between parent and child.

Bee-lieve the testimony of my honeys...

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Doula Trainer & Mentoring Coach 

Make a difference in the birth to lactation field and your community...We offer budding business resources to birth, lactation and/or perinatal health professionals. Our services range from BIPOC community bassed doula trainings, groups for aspiring and new lactation professionals and IBLCE exam candidates, classes and continuing education workshops and business services for professionals

Latest Milk & Honey News 
Get evidence based tips on pregnancy and lactation  news, events discounts & more.
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