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Collaborating at Work
Doula Mentorship /Business Coaching

Looking to turn your passion of Birth & Breastfeeding calling and training into a thriving business? Unlock the secrets to success with our transformative Doula Business Coaching

What to Expect:


Introduction to Doula Care:

Learn about the benefits and opportunities of providing doula support remotely, including increased accessibility and flexibility for clients.

Technology Tools and Platforms:

Discover the essential tools and platforms for delivering virtual and in person doula services, from video conferencing software to online resource libraries.

Client Communication Strategies:

Explore effective strategies for building rapport and establishing trust with clients including active listening and empathetic communication techniques.

Navigating Virtual & In Person Birth Support:

Gain insights into how to provide virtual and in person support during labor and childbirth, including comfort measures, relaxation techniques, and emotional guidance.

Postpartum Support in a Digital World:

Learn how to offer comprehensive postpartum support to families, including breastfeeding assistance, newborn care education, and emotional wellness checks.

Business Considerations:

Discuss the logistical and legal considerations of offering doula services, including pricing, client agreements, and liability insurance.

Q&A Session:

Have your burning questions about birth or postpartum doula care answered by an experienced doula who has successfully transitioned to private practice.

Throughout the program, there will be a mix of lectures, interactive workshops, guest speakers, and hands-on experience to provide a well-rounded learning experience for the participants. Additionally, mentorship and peer support should be encouraged to foster a sense of community among the aspiring doulas. 


 Next Cohort starts June 7

Cost: $500

6x 1:1 coaching sessions over 6 months 

View Program Syllabus Here


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