Ready to prepare for rest, recovery and MILK! Book private coaching  with my Grow Babee Grow packages.

Mother Baby Bonding

A Little Bit of Milk 

This package is for the newly pregnant mother and family. This package teaches you how breast/bottle feeding works with ongoing support to compliment your journey.  Your package includes the following support:

Prenatal Breastfeeding Class

1 Home Lactation Visit

6 weeks of ongoing text/email support

Expecting Couple

What do I need to prepare for breastfeeding?


Honey, it takes about 40 days to build a sufficient milk supply. This coaching package is designed to support you through the first 40 days of breast or chest feeding. Learn the tips and tricks to increased milk production and how to maintain it through the weaning. Stay encouraged with in home and virtual support on designated days where concerns may arise. This package includes one home visitation for a feeding assessment to ensure babee is sufficiently transferring milk and virtual check-ins that also support the mental health of your transition into motherhood.

Virtual Breastfeeding Class

2 Home Lactation Visits

2 Virtual Visits

6 weeks of Text/phone support 


Restful Bee Package 

This packet is perfect for the new mom to prepare for breastfeeding into a restful postpartum from the first latch. 

Honey, this package includes 

Newborn Care 

Breastfeeding Support 

along with 

A private breastfeeding class to go over the art of breastfeeding, normal newborn behavior and how milk production works. 
1 In Home Lactation Visit to observe conduct a feeding assessment and answer any questions you may have within the early days. 

TWO weekly 8hr overnight postpartum visit during the first two weeks of delivery to answer any additional questions you or Dad may have while achieving much needed rest through the to recharge from your newfound mommy/parenthood.

***Payment plans are available***