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south atlanta lactation services

Hey honey!!

Happy New Year!!

It's an entire month of celebrations for January. Congratulations on your new bundle of joy. As the New Year rings in we have new services that we want to make sure you know about.

Let's learn to feed before your babee gets here with classes, kits and support

Did you know December is the most popular conception month?? Holiday cheer and spirits is the gift that keeps on giving.

Bringing in plenty of fall babees.

OH Babee!!! Is it you, honey?!

Call me!!

Well let's get you off to the Breast Start of your pregnancy with information that you can rely on and actually use when it's time for the first latch.

I am a Certified Breastfeeding Specialist that caters to the first latch and the first few weeks of breastfeeding which are crucial to building and maintaining your supply through weaning.

I service metro Atlanta counties inside of the perimeter up to 25mi radius. I provide birth to breastfeeding services.

The Breast Start package is for honeys that may have a hospital delivery and want to get off to the breast start with infant feeding whether breast or bottle. Honeys who may have experienced a broken journey or started off rocky with building supply will benefit just as much as first time moms from this package too.

Need more in person support from Bump to Babee??? The Breast Start Package gives you a prenatal breastfeeding class, a lactation visit 3-5 days within delivery and a virtual visit within 10 days to assess breastfeeding and make any postpartum wellness referrals as needed.

Classes are always in session, honey! I offer prenatal virtual education in the comforts of your home as well.

Stumbled upon this blog and need help

with breastfeeding ASAP book a virtual visit with me here ,honey!



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