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What does a postpartum doula do?

Postpartum care is perfect for a new or expectant mom! Imagine having a support person that can provide emotional and physical support, breastfeeding support, newborn care, feeding and soothing, errands, meal planning and prep all while you sleep.  Your postpartum doula will meet with you prior to delivering your baby to develop a personalized plan that meets your breastfeeding goals. Once baby arrives, you will meet with again within 3 days to assist with postpartum care and follow-up answering any questions or concerns you may have.

Rates begin at $35/hr - $45/hr for overnight care. Sliding scale fees are available please click here to see if you qualify.

Day services are in increments of 3 hours 

Overnight services are in increments of 8 hours. 

Postpartum Care includes:

Breastfeeding Support 

In addition to being a postpartum doula our doulas are also certified lactation specialists to educate and give tips for breastfeeding success and troubleshoot for problems to common challenges that can occur within the first few weeks such positioning and latch technique, management of milk supply and more.  Your care also comes with a wide network of professionals as a resource for an International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) if breastfeeding callenges are beyond your doulas scope of practice.

Postpartum doulas make room for rest so you can focus on recovery and milk.
Newborn Care
Newborn care support including diapering, first bath, soothing techniques, baby-wearing and bringing baby to you when sleep.
Light Housekeeping
Postpartum doulas can clean up the home with light wash and fold and load the dishwasher.

Sibling Care

A postpartum doula can look after and care for younger siblings, so parents can rest, heal from birth, and get to know baby.

Meal Preparation  
Need a fridge full of prepared snacks? Want a nutritious meal, but are recovering from a difficult birth or a cesarean? A postpartum doula can prepare a quick and simple warm, home cooked meal for you and your family. Ned more than one day of food, we also have a menu of food selections to choose from prepared and delivered from our house culinary doula. 

Overnight Care 

Postpartum doulas are happy to care for your baby while you and your partner get some much needed sleep. Only be interrupted when baby needs to nurse, and leave the diaper changes and baby care to us.

Access to community groups and resources  
I am active in the birth community and have established relationships with many professionals throughout the metropolitan Atlanta area. I give parents access to a network of providers including lactation specialists, chiropractors, pelvic floor therapy, placenta encapsulation specialists, breastfeeding friendly pediatricians and more.
Baby Apparel

New! “Partum Me” Virtual Doula Support Package ($650)

  • 2 Virtual prenatal visits includes birth/postpartum planning 

  • On call 10 hour labor support 

  • 2 - 30min Virtual Postpartum Visits  

  • 2 weeks lactation support after delivery


Looking for a baby shower gift, purchase a postpartum doula for a new mom...

Mother Working from Home
Day Postpartum Care Services 
***Day services are provided in 3 hour increments and must be booked with a minimum of 6 hours. Single visits can only be added after 2 visits or more. 

1 visit (3hrs)= $120
5 visits (15
hrs)= $575
*10 visits (30hrs) within 3 months = $1200*
***$1100.00 if paid in full

Overnight Postpartum Care Services 
***Overnight services are provided in 8hr increments with a minimum of 16hrs to book. 
2 visits (16hrs) = $750
10 visits (80hrs) = $4,000 
***$3,900 if paid in full 

***Payment plans available. 35% non refundable deposit required to reserve your slot. Sliding scale fees are applicable.


Don't think you can just wing it after having your baby. Start planning now for your postpartum recovery with your New Beginnings Postpartum Planning Kit. This planning kit  will help you and your partner dialog and create a plan for your recovery time.  Why would you need a plan for after the baby? 

           Most mothers forget about the day to day duties of the household after your baby arrives

           Prepares a mother or caregiver for the lying in period especially if you desire to breastfeed,


           A plan helps to focus attention on your desired outcomes

           Helps to define your healthcare team should problems occur.

           Helps to guide your decision making.