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Honey, Sitz Down - Herbal Sitz Bath 8oz
  • Honey, Sitz Down - Herbal Sitz Bath 8oz


    Prep yourself to transition smoothly into rest, recovery and MILK. This postpartum care kit includes:

    #HoneySITZDown 8oz

    Relax with our herbal bath teas and soaks. This product is made from 100% Organic ingredients which includes, Epsom salt, calendula flowers, lavender flowers, rosemary leaf, sage, coconut milk powder and honey powder.


    Sitz tea baths are beneficial immediately after having a babee to reduce pain, inflammation and infection. Add 1/2 of tea to a pot and bring to boil for 5-7 minutes. Pour water into a tub of water that cover your bottom and no higher than your hips. If steaming pour water into Baskin and place in lean toilet. Soak or steam for 20 minutes. ****Steaming is not recommended until 7 days after delivery. Enough for 2 baths.

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