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National Breastfeeding Month 2020

Today marks the beginning of National Breastfeeding Month. In my favorite month people will be celebrating the amazing benefits of breastfeeding.

World Breastfeeding Week is celebrated every year from 1 to 7 August to encourage breastfeeding and improve the health of babies around the world.Not everyone chooses to breastfeed, but there are many benefits for those who do.

But we must continue the fight to ensure all women and birthing persons have the support needed to reach their breastfeeding or chestfeeding goals.⠀

There is no way around it!

Breastfeeding is Love. Life. Lunch. ⠀

And the evidence is pretty clear – breastfeeding saves lives by protecting babies from life-threatening infections and illnesses. If babies were breastfed early and exclusively for the first 6 months, over 820,000 lives could be saved each year! (WHO) ⠀

YESSSSSS, 800,000 babies would be saved through the simple act of breastfeeding. ⠀

And what does a world of support look like— it looks like women and birthing persons are given the support that they need to accomplish their breastfeeding goals. It looks like a world where infant mortality rates are reduced drastically from breast milk. It looks like a word where women and children are aloud to thrive. ⠀

The benefits of breastfeeding are great for a mother too, it decreases the chances of breast, ovarian cancer and heart disease. ⠀

But with all these benefits we still need a month to create awareness around the normalization of breastfeeding around the world. ⠀

NOT ONE SINGLE COUNTRY OFFERS THE SUPPORT A MOTHER NEEDS TO BREASTFEED. Only 40% of the mothers worldwide are breastfeeding. ⠀

Breastfeeding is a community act and support is needed from the community, so this year, let’s commit to creating a world where every mom has the support she needs to breastfeed.⠀

Love J,

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