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when should my babee start tummy time?


Let’s talk Tummy Time…

Did you know tummy time can aid in breastfeeding support by strengthening neck muscles which helps babee to coordinate sucking and swallowing. Efficient drainage of the breast is key to building and maintaining your milk supply In the early days of lactation.


Tummy time is not only important way to prevent flat spots on your babee’s head because LAWD knows Grandma won’t stop mentioning it… What’s wrong the babee’s head???

Tummy Time can be done at birth if baby is healthy and full term. During The Golden Hour after birth, babee is placed on mom’s tummy in the prone position which encourages babee to utilize neck, shoulder and core muscles to crawl towards the breast to latch.

It is also an important part of your babee’s normal growth to sit up, crawl, walk and stand.


Tummy Time Instructions:

  • Spread out a blanket in a clear area of the floor for tummy time.

  • Try short tummy time sessions after a diaper change or after your baby wakes from a nap. Always do tummy time during the day during awake periods.

  • Get low on the floor with your baby about 8 inches because babees vision is limited to or put a toy or toys within your babEd’s reach during tummy time to help your babee learn to play and interact with his or her surroundings.

  • Ask someone you trust to sit in front of your babee during tummy time to encourage interaction and bonding.

  • As your babee gets older, your tummy time sessions can last longer, and you can have them more often throughout the day.

Research suggests babees who are less active during the day may also be getting less sleep at night.

Yes tummy time can aid in babee‘s circadian rhythms and aid in more sleep as they mature. If you are breastfeeding or exclusively pumping night feeds are still important during the early weeks of milk production.

Prolactin the milk making hormone is at it’s highest amount at night and accounts for almost 25% of your milk supply. Safe bed sharing or keeping babee close by to feed is best for responsive feeding milk supply and most importantly REST!!

I offer prenatal breastfeeding classes that introduces this as ways to improve your breastfeeding relationship naturally. Breastfeeding and childbirth classes in Atlanta and surrounding counties. And soon Tummy Time classes at the local therapy center I partner with.

Is your babee showing signs of a tongue tie? I’d love to help! Book a consultation with us.

Expecting? Let’s chat about your goals here

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