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preparing to breastfeed

Breastfeeding is an art.

An art that takes much practice for both mother and baby. Many of the prenatal moms I counsel are full of curious questions about breastfeeding with some of the most common questions being, "how does breastfeeding work", "will breastfeeding be painful" but the most important question I listen for moms to inquire about is "how do I prepare for breastfeeding?"

This question is the ice breaker for a new client and me. I listen to see where your concerns lie and to find out exactly how much you know about breastfeeding. Many times I prefer to get the misinformation and myths out of the way so we can begin learning evidence based practices and techniques.

Learn as much information as you can BEFORE you have your baby. I've put together a digital download that you can utilize here to aid and help you prepare for your breastfeeding journey.


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