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preparing your nest: practical tips for a smooth arrival

Congratulations honeys and welcome to the exciting journey of preparing for your babee's arrival!

Not only should you create a positive birth space of support and safety, postpartum planning helps in creating a positive space for your babee too. Creating a nurturing environment is key to ensuring a smooth transition for both you, your partner and your little one. You don't have to break the bank to prepare for your babee ether.

In this blog post, we'll explore a few practical ans basic tips to help you prepare your nest for the upcoming joyous arrival. You have so many things to mark if the checklist but below are just a few tips I recommend honeybstatt with and they can always add to the planning as needed.

Let's get to work

1. Designing Babee Space/Nursery:

Start by creating a cozy and functional space for your babee. Less is more honey. But if you have it to spend, ball out. You don't have to overwhelm yourself with so many toys. Besides YOU gotta clean all that up but also studies show babees only need a few options to choose from when they have toys. Keeps the looming world of distractions to a minimum it also creates an imaginative kid too. Ask me how I know;) And trust, they'll be more interested with the packaging the toy comes in rather than the actual toy. Colors set the tone for the emotions of your day. Choose calming colors, if you have space for furniture invest in comfortable furniture such as 🗣️ THE RECLINER, honey, and organize essentials for easy access during those late-night feedings.

Now having a nursery isn't ideal or very affordable for every family but creating a clean and welcoming space for your babee is doable, honey!! YOU are enough.

2. Babee-Proofing Your Home:

It's never too early to think about babee-proofing. Identify potential hazards, secure furniture, and install safety gates to create a safe space for your little explorer.

3. Stocking Up on Essentials:

Ensure you have all the necessary babee essentials stocked up, from diapers and wipes to onesies and blankets. Having a well-stocked babee care station or area can save you from last-minute stress. Having more than one babee shower?? Consider turning one or two into gender reveals with diapers or wipes as the girl or boy option. This could potentially gift you a few months worth of diapers and wipes. Who doesn't need diapers for a newborn, honey!! On a limited budget try Facebook marketplace for gently used items or local community babee closets and babee showers. Ask your friends and family if they have clothes or furniture no longer in use? Hand me downs are my fave to mix in with new clothes too.

4. Meal Prep for Busy Days:

Prepare and freeze nutritious meals ahead of time. This will be a lifesaver during those hectic days when cooking becomes a challenge. Think crockpot. Something quick you can throw in the pot and eat throughout the day. Quick, healthy, and easily reheatable meals can make a significant difference. If you're not into cooking then consider a postpartum meal planning service or having friends and family do it for you through Send them the link through your babee shower invitations or babee registry to plan for food delivery to your home when babee arrives.

5. Creating a CommuniT.E.A.:

Self care doesn't work for new honeys.

Let me say it again...

Self care doesn't work for vulnerable new mothers. The communiTEA has to come together to nurture her ans or use her with support, food, care, food and rest. And more food. The TEA is for talk, education and affimration. CommuniTEA care is how new mothers thrive. Building a support network of friends and family and professionals in birth and postpartum. Whether it's for emotional support, childcare, or just a friendly chat, having a support system can alleviate the challenges of early parenthood. Consider joining prenatal and postpartum support groups to find new honeys with the same or close expectant date month to begin finding new friends, breasties and framilies!!

6. Educating Yourself with CommuniTEA

Taking group childbirth and parenting classes from qualified instructors such as myself not only enhances your knowledge but also introduces you to questions and topics you may not have been introduced to or give you a glimpse into what's ahead in the next trimester. Evidence based classes like The Birth and The B.E.E.S. Childbirth to Breastfeeding class teaches you how to navigate through the natural process of birth into a joyful first latch. The thoughts and feelings you are having can feel isolating and hearing other honeys feel the same and give tips to sígnate help to claim the entry way into motherhood. Knowing that you are not alone in pregnancy. Knowing what to expect during labor and in the first few weeks can boost your confidence and ease anxiety.

7. Organizing Babee Gear:

Set up your babee gear, including the crib, changing table, car seat if needed and stroller. Familiarize yourself with how everything works, ensuring a smoother experience when your little one arrives. Throw a nesting party to get friends and family help to prepare for the arrival of your babee. They can help wash newborn clothes, meal prep, prep your caddies, help you decorate and more. If your support is limited planning and executing small tasks earlier in your pregnancy will help to prepare for the arrival of babee then to not be prepared by births element of surprise!

8. Creating a Birth Plan:

Outline your preferences for labor and delivery. If you can hire a doula to assist you with this. There are many free templates online as well. The Birth Plan is designed for you to think about procedures and assessment routinely done in the hospital. Leading and taking charge of your birth means researching to educate yourself so that you can informed decisions and remained focus in your birth setting. Discuss your birth plan with your doula if you have one and your provider or birth team ensuring everyone is on the same page when the big day arrives.

9. Packing Your Hospital Bag:

Prepare a hospital bag with essentials for both you and the babee. Include comfortable clothes, toiletries, important documents, and items to make your hospital stay more comfortable. Chapstick, honey!! Hair ties, speakers, affirmations and don't forget THE BREAST FRIEND KIT too, honey!!

10. Enjoying Quality Time Together:

Take moments to relax and bond with your partner.

Let the oxytocin flow!!

Enjoy the journey together, and remember that building a strong foundation as a couple is crucial for navigating the challenges of parenthood. Make time for in home date nights in the early days of babee. Keep visitors at bay to find your rhythm in parenting. You have three new people to meet and a smooth transition with just the theee of you for awhile is necessary in the bonding process too.

As you enter this beautiful journey, remember that preparation is key, but flexibility is equally important. Embrace the joy and uncertainty that come with welcoming a new life into your home. Don't panic, take charge, honey!!

By following these basic but practical tips, you'll be well on your way to creating a warm and loving nest for your babee's smooth arrival.

Congratulations on this exciting chapter of your life! If you're expecting and looking to place all of your Google searches into one source for your birth to breastfeeding needs, book me honey!



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