breastfeeding will spoil TF out of your baby

Honey, how can you spoil a baby?

I held both of my babies ALL the time, I wore them on my person too. I would hear the infamous “breastfeeding will spoil your baby.”🧐 or “you‘re gonna spoil that baby holding him all the time, nobody will be able to watch him.”

pic courtesy of GAP

Woah, Susan who said anybody’s watching my kid!

How, sway, how?

How can can I possibly love on a baby too much? How can I not possibly meet any need my baby will ask of me being an infant? I find the people that lend unnecessary unsolicited advice were not as successful nor attempted to handle the demands of breastfeeding and emotional nurturing of a baby.

Children become spoiled when we do not provide them with the sufficient love needed but replace that love with things.

Your baby was born to need you. Babies need constant attention from you to develop emotionally, physically and intellectually.

As increasing numbers of children experiencing mental health issues and deprivation of love more people will be searching to find the love and security that they should have experienced during early childhood In the wrong places.


Responding to your baby’s cues (communication) is creating a dynamic bond and this gives your baby the confidence to explore and learn. Babies need to know that someone is trustworthy and reliable in the world will be there and who else better to receive that from other than Mama.


pic courtesy of GAP

Hug on, honey!

Love on, honey!

Kiss on, honey!

Cuddle on, honey!

Nurse in, honey!