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2022 wrapped up

Hey Honey

It's been one a hell of a business year for me. Many, many highs and many, many lows in the throws of self employment. I almost gave a couple of times and actually found a job.

I lasted two weeks. I just don't think I'm meant to clock in....for another business but mine at least for now. I heard GOD ain't done with me, yet.

They say it takes 5-7 years for a business to grow and return profit. If you're lucky. I am currently entering year five with a brighter outlook into the future of The Milk + Honey Company ahead.

With the help of a few partnerships like Tongue Tie Center of ATL and prn birth assistant and doula support with Birth By Grace Midwifery, web design projects and a few other consulting projects....growth was inevitable. Whether comfortable or not. There was a time I had to pass on clients because I was overwhelmed and just not in a position to take on more.

So I thought.

I took an awesome continuing education TOTs specialty training in oral restrictions to enhance my skills with breastfeeding parents earlier this year. In addition to working at the tongue tie facility, it positioned me with a wealth of knowledge to help educate families on early prevention and the impact oral restrictions have on babees and caregivers beyond the latch.

I was able to tackle more challenging consults within my scope and training and truly impact my birthing client's experiences too. The joy of the first latch is what I promote and that's what new families want.

I tried to back out of that uncomfortable business growth but my good friend and colleague, Tikara Cannon with Milk & Cradle VA said

"No, ma'am! You just have to figure it out. This is what comes with growth."

or whatever she said. I can't find the text exactly 😂 but I heard

Accept the assignment. I stepped out on faith and added birth support to my services early in the year with no booking until February. SCARY. I finally found my niche-- birth to breastfeeding doula. It has been my most productive package yet. As a CBS this was the hardest move trying to find where I fit in because I had no interest in becoming an IBCLC anymore. We still NEED more BLACK & BROWN IBCLCs of color desperately though and I'm STILL committed to increasing that number even if isn't necessarily my final dream.

Assisting parents from the transition of a fearless birth experience to the joy of the first latch. That's me!

I focused on building multiple streams of income as well because....REST

and that included a line of postpartum care items. I introduced my Partum Me, Honey collection of afterbirth, postpartum and newborn care with herbal sitz baths, belly oils such Belly + Babee Honey...

and my favorite new item the Babee Booty Wash

This year I pushed myself to try and engage with followers more online, post more (had a few Reels go viral one with almost 800k+ views 👏🏾) and networking with fellow birth workers and practitioners locally

and the successful launch of The Breast Friend Kit™️ to assist new honeys with learning their breast anatomy through hand expression and colostrum collection which reduces the chances of supplementation with formula should breastfeeding get off to a rocky start.

It worked.

I began to see an increase in sales and products. But I was mad tired. Raising a family and being a wife has its demands.

Many times it felt like I wasn't as present as I would have like to have been but my kiddos are doing super well in school this year and emotionally they seem to be still in tune. Mood swings and tantrums still in tow though.....

I brought in help. Lord knows I need it. I was able to expand my postpartum support to include Qiana from Q's Birth Services and Naima with Oya Wellness for back up doula support. BOOK US NOWWW!!!!!

So, here is my year in a nutshell. My competition is only me and l look forward to what 2023 will bring. Some of The Milk + Honey Co.'s goals for next year are:




This traffic in ATLANTA is just....

But honestly we had over 200 Google direction requests this year which tells me pregnant honeys are looking for somewhere to spend the bag when it comes to perinatal education and support and may even be looking for community care more than ever.

Another goal is to increase the mentorship opportunities for lactation counselors and doulas in private practice with upcoming/newer CBS's and doulas while expanding our volume. I became a CBS mentor with Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies to support incoming CBS with LER. I am a social

Media ambassador for LER too! Follow my journey here,It has a been a wonderful opportunity to share information, support the journey to pass the torch and work alongside the next group of community healers.

We will focus on birth to breastfeeding doula trainings and continuing education for those that align themselves with this path.

So exciting.

So scary at the same time but. Do everything afraid, honey!

Okay so for the year in review....

Found out you're expecting, honey!!!! Congratulations to you and your partner. 🎉🎉

Now is the time to begin looking for your doula to support your birth story. Here's a peek at my availability for next year! Honeys are not playing.....they are booking me quick.

I take a limited amount of 2 birth clients each month. Let's chat to see if I vibe with you and would make a good fit for your birth experience and support team.

Call 404-903-8563 between 10a-7p est or email me at

Have a wonderful holiday no matter what you celebrate or don't. Enjoy your families and be kind to one another.

We'll see you in the new year refreshed rejuvenated and recharged.

Happy New Year, honeys!!!!


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