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5 ways to celebrate valentine’s day as a breastfeeding mother

The day of LOVE is approaching and before the kids and the chaos date night was hella fun and probably was the reason youre even reading this breastfeeding post now, congratulations, honey. Now that you have babies to breastfeed you have to reinvent or redefine romance for the two of you.

Breastfeeding is

So, what to do what to do. Many breastfeeding posts around this time are geared towards how to celebrate mom and the wonderful job she is doing. BUT let’s not forget through that connection of love how we became parents...our partners!!

Finding time alone let alone intimate time for our partners can be overlooked with the new duties that come with parenthood. Most new moms/families are exhausted from the transition to life as a mom and any free time found is usually spent sleeping.

Fostering that relationship with your significant other is important throughout your postpartum journey and beyond. Some partners may feel left out because of all that encompasses a new mother mentally, physically and emotionally after childbirth. A father's support weighs heavily on a new mom's breastfeeding decisions and behavior. Of course, on your own time, will tell if you're ready to jump back into a night of loving or a fun date night out on the town, so be sure to be patient with yourself and enter at the level of your readiness.

This particular blog post we’re going to make sure you celebrate with the reason you became a parent at all....your partner. Valentine's Day isn't one of those holidays that my husband and I go all out for each other. Our tradition has been simple, a day with the kids and a love letter to each other, kind of like a reaffirmation of our commitment to one another.

Like most moms, I thought I was ready to get away let loose and have a break but when date night actually came around I was not too excited about having to pump my milk and be away from my baby. The thought of going out seemed fun but in actuality it was stressful. I would tell my husband I can't have fun because I'm thinking about and missing my baby. Needless to say there weren't many date nights for a long time until I was comfortable enough to leave my baby. But we made an effort to do something with each other that day.


Prepare for the day, honey. Prep your dinner or cook it earlier in the day and plan the day around your baby's nap or bedtime. I remember my baby falling asleep easily when we went out for the day. All the excitement of new surroundings, fresh air and sunlight accompanied with a bath seemed to prepare him for a deep slumber. This preparation can ensure the alone time you need to reconnect as a couple even if it is for two or three hours. Take whatever time you can get, honey...and remember it won't be like this for long.

So I'll give you a couple of ways we celebrate Valentine's Day and others in a small, inexpensive but memorable way with a baby attached too, lol.


This is my absolute favorite. Now my husband isn't quite the mushy romantic so he needs a little help from time to time, lol. I bought a bed tray in my single days and it came in handy during my postpartum journey. The both of you can create this together by having a healthy assortment tray of both of your favorite foods, a single rose of course to set the mood, and guess what honey, you can even have a Mimosa while you're breastfeeding. Not exactly sure why, but eating in bed is very relaxing. This idea isn't just for breakfast it could be a great way to end the day for dinner too. Get cozy ,hop in bed in your favorite pajamas, put baby to breast and bon appetite. Simple, no..


We tried this one too but not for Valentine's Day, just a normal way to be around adults when you're consumed with baby life. Those same moms that are in your mommy village or support groups that have become your breast friends are probably feeling the same too. So invite a couple or two over, everyone bring a dish, a bottle of wine and a fun game. Or even better have the men bring flowers, cook and serve the moms dinner. If you're inviting a single mom invite another so they won't feel left out.


I found this idea on Pinterest and we have been writing them for two years now. Sometimes expressing love deeply can be most felt writing it down. There' s is something about a handwritten note that just swoons me. Your love letters can represent, your love for one another, growth and a reminder of your commitment to support each other to the best of our abilities and to always communicate your feelings to one another on this journey called parenting.


I love a great board game and my husband and I are pretty competitive when we play. Pick your favorite board game, Twister, Scrabble and play a movie you've seen a zillion times....for me it's Coming To America and add a risque twist to the game. Loser cooks breakfast the next morning....naked. We cannot promise you a sibling won't be on the way in nine months if you take this advice.


Valentine's can be as extravagant or as low key as you'd like. There is no mandatory requirement to celebrate Or in any particular fashion for that matter. You make the holiday what the two of you want it to be. Maybe a day of rest is what it looks like for you. Who doesn't want to just sleep in? When was the last time you were able to snuggle up with your partner and baby and just enjoy each other. Pop in a movie to watch. Remember your kids need to see you love each other too, the earlier the better. Valentine's Day is every day so be sure to do some of these ideas as a “just because“ then Valentine's Day won't feel so heavy to participate in because you're loving on each other every day.

Have fun, honey's and don't forget to let me know what you did on your date night?


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