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birth doula services with jada

A doula:

a person employed to provide guidance and support to the mother or care giver of a newborn babee.

As your doula, my support GUARANTEES that I will

🤌🏽 support, educate, advocate, coach, and nurture moms to-be and birthing persons throughout the pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and postpartum journey

👉🏽help to normalize and educate you on feelings and bodily sensations that happen during pregnancy, which can feel very scary and unnerving for a first-time mother.

👉🏽help unpack previous birth trauma that may cause angst or concerns.

👉🏽provide techniques for comfort measures such as massage and pressure points, particularly in labor, physical-touch is incredibly beneficial in helping the mother-to-be maintain a sense of comfort and control.

👉🏽coach your partner on how to support you and your environment before birth, I teach the anatomy of labor and birth, comfort techniques, pressure points, and the use of aromatherapy.

👉🏽provide evidence based education on breastfeeding and obtaining a pain free first latch and ensuring breastfeeding or pumping gets off to a great start after childbirth.

As a postpartum doula as well, I offer healing and holistic remedies, but also a non-judgemental ear. I visit families virtually when they are comfortable after birth for postpartum care to talk about your birth, newborn care, postpartum support, baby wearing techniques and breastfeeding care.

As your doula, my job is to reinforce the childbirth education you have obtained. Although I provide packages that include up to 10HR a of Lamaze based childbirth education too, I support births at home, in the hospital and birth centers. My services include childbirth education, breastfeeding support and doula services. Visit my packages here.

My specialty is breastfeeding and oral restrictions. I have clinically trained at a local Tongue Tie clinic and in addition received specialty training in TOTs to refer to providers outside of my scope. I am available to help facilitate breastfeeding initiation and duration during the crucial 2 week period after birth through one year postpartum.

Many of my clients don't fully understand the concept of doula support until after then babee and relive the value of having continued support through labor support to help navigate the medical sysytmwhen it comes fo bearth.

Giving you space to think and make a printer shared decision is my goal. So no decision does uninformed. Every birth I serve May. It choose to be unmedicated but they will all be educated.


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