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scheduled feedings will lower your milk supply

When establishing your milk supply for the first 6-12 weeks, yep, for some moms it takes longer, don’t time your feeds. With babies up to three months of age, we recommend feeding on demand but never letting baby go longer than two hours to feed. This means a minimum of 10 feeds in a day. #10orMoreIn24

As baby gets older (<6mos) less feeds are needed and more of a schedule can be implemented.

Timing your feeds is associated with early weaning and the body will begin to produce less milk. Scheduled feeds also leads to engorgement, which also tells your body to stop making milk. #LetItFlow

When do you feed baby? Watch for baby’s hunger cues — rooting, sucking on hands/fingers, sticking tongue out, smacking lips, smacking sounds, turning towards you/anyone to feed, bobbing head up and down on your chest.

Feed your baby on demand. Demand your supply! Your baby is designed to let your body know how much milk to produce. If nursing is painful then reposition and latch baby again.

It’s breastfeeding, not nipple feeding.

Sandwich your breast, aim for the roof of baby’s mouth towards the throat. Step back and let baby lead the way. #babyledbreastfeedıng


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