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does size really matter

“Does breast size matter with milk production?

No, honey…

It’s not the size of the boat 🗣it’s the motion in the ocean! #movethatmilk

The size of your breasts will not determine the amount of milk you make. Most bodies are able to make enough milk for their babees around 32-36oz TOTAL for the day, no matter the size of their breast!

Your breast size determines storage capacity only. How much can they hold at one time?

Larger breasts may have fewer feeds because they have a “larger container” to store milk in while smaller breasts have more frequent feeds due to a “smaller container” to store milk.

Your boobs can only hold so much honey so at some point you gotta empty them...

Your breast react to a few variables when it comes to milk supply. Milk supply is based off of supply and demand. The more milk you remove the more milk you will make. This is because milk production is controlled by the design of the feedback inhibitor of lactation, or FIL (a polypeptide), which is present in your breast milk itself.

Amazing it's like a little sensors in your breasts that tells you when to make milk.

Babees should be offered or nipple stimulation applied to both breast during a feed. Sometimes your babee may favor one breast over the other one so it will make more skill than the less stimulated breast.

If milk is not removed, the FIL builds up in the milk and stops the cells from making any more milk. When you remove the FIL hormone by latching or pumping efficiently, you will begin to reduce the amount of FIL and begin to make more milk.

This protects your breasts from challenges like clogged ducts and mastitis.

Your boobs are not exactly twins more like sisters. Two different sizes and shapes.

Respondive feeding by watching for hunger cues for the first three months will not only help to build your supply in the early days but maintain your milk supply through weaning.

Keep at it, honey!!

Have some concerns about milk feeding and your babee. Book a virtual visit here, honey!!








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