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Milk + Honey Stories

By Leslie Elizabeth

5 days ago we started a journey that I didn’t think would come so soon: Weaning. As difficult it’s been for K letting go I’ve actually been feeling the same sadness. All the countless hours nursing, pumping and most importantly bonding are forcibly coming to an end. When I first embarked on this breastfeeding journey I knew for a fact I wanted to give two solid years no matter what it took but due to my current pregnancy that vision will be cut short. I tried everything but hormones have had the last say so. I would just call it a break if needed because I’m totally open to Tandem nursing if that’s what K wants.

I have started the prep of having to pay closer attention to her nutritional needs being met and also implementing vitamins to pick up where breastfeeding no longer exists. It’s crazy to think about all the times I was overwhelmed with nursing and couldn’t wait to stop and now the time has come and it’s harder than I expected. Insert a dash of Mom Guilt. However this journey with K has made me so much more equipped for Baby K2. All the struggles I had as a first time breastfeeding I can now embrace like a pro. The pics I have of our sessions mean so much more to me now and I will forever cherish them 💚 Leslie Elizabeth



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