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what is a prenatal honey visit?

Hey, honey’s….

Today was my Sunday “prenatal honey“ visit for birthing clients. I recently and quietly began accepting and serving birth clients this year and I couldn’t be more excited to assist with ushering in new life.

pic courtesy Jada Metcalf

Birth heaving influences breastfeeding initiation!


Birth affects breastfeeding in many ways that most families don't even think about. Often they think of the birth as being totally separate from the breastfeeding experience. But how you give birth can affect how your baby nurses. Here are some of the most common ways that various birth practices interfere with breastfeeding.

Early labor

C Section

Traumatic Birth

Separation from babee





For Dos


As a doula, my support provides wveudence bases education on birth outcomes, interventions and more.

My doula packages range from 2-3 prenatal visits before your big day, on call text/phone support, active labor and birth support, immediate 2hr postpartum care, breastfeeding support and your choice of one or two postpartum visits within the first ten days.

This is why it is imperative to hire a doula ASAP to give your doula time to prepare and personalize their support for you.

Prenatal visits are visits you have with your client before your baby arrives that go over specific details for your birth ranging from prenatal nutrition, labor positions and comfort techniques, prenatal education or other add on activities such as belly casting or meal prep.

📸 courtesy of Baba and Milk + Honey Studios

During your visit which can last 1-2 hours depending on your needs, we will get to know each other and develop your birth vision worksheet.

For the last hour we will go over labor positions, comfort measures and pain management techniques when labor begins.

During visit #2 we talk about postpartum planning, birth decor, foods/snacks, postpartum prep and review your comfort measures again.

My Joyous and Milk + Honey doula packages come with birth/peanut balls for labor support ans comfort measures for pain management during pre and active labor. These items will aid in your postpartum healing and pelvic floor exercises too.

So, no need to run out and purchase these items.

Visit #3 would consist of any education classes you may have or just a wellness check in.

Prenatal visits are for walks, talks, comfort measures and massages!

My Journey In Birth

Working in birth work for the last six months has been completely different from the postpartum aspect I am accustomed too.

Postpartum I grow with pride observing Moms navigate parenthood on their own terms and watch their maternal confidence take over and watch them lead with instinct.

I watch them joyfully breastfeed their babies.

pics courtesy of Baba

But birth….I have been through so many emotions. One energy exchange I notice is I carry my honey’s with me even when I’m not around.

I think about them.

I pray for them.

I genuinely grow to care if not love them.

I’m excited for the family.

I’m anxious to meet the baby.

I anticipate watching her birth vision unfold.

She is happy.

She is ready.

She is dripping in honey.

Any day now….

I’d love to become an extended member of your family!

Let’s chat honey!!


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