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atlanta lactation home visits

Home visits are crucial to the new parents journey of breasts or bottle feeding. Patrick and Pure really easy and naturally I just simplest sticking and nipple in a babies now but it can be very cumbersome and clumsy in the early days.

on discharge from the hospital, 59% of mothers were fully breastfeeding; this figure decreased to 32% at the time of contacting the service, but increased to 42% two weeks after contacting the service.

Who exactly needs a lactation home visit? ALL mothers and caregivers that choose to feed their babee human milk, but mostly, you do honey!

Your instincts are in tuned and that feeling if somethings not right is heavy. We have a culture of normalizing symptoms parents express then dismissing them. It’s time to book me, honey!

So….what all goes on in a home visit exactly :


Your symptoms help determine the type and length of your home visit. Some visits can be done virtually as well if you have quick questions about your journey!

some symptoms that are most common are

It all depends on your needs, honey but for most new parents it goes something like this.

Intake/Consent forms

‼️MANDATORY‼️ Fill these HIPAA compliant forms out before your scheduling your visit so we can maximize the time allotted for your appointment. We will still review your intake because many of you have information that can be beneficial with your care plan no matter how minimal it seems to you.

Weight Check/Weighted Feeds

I weigh your babee to have on record what we started with. If you’re concerned about milk transfer we will do a weighted feed which means weighing your babee in a diaper before and after feeding off both breasts. It is important to schedule your appointment time closest to your feeding time to get the best results.

Engorgement/Edema relief

Most new moms contact me within those first few days of engorgement. I incorporate postpartum doula work to demonstrate reverse pressure softening + hand expression.

TOTs screening

I assess your babee’s latch and positioning and watch for visual or audial indicators of oral restrictions using the TOTs E3 model of care.

Breastfeeding Education

Educate with evidence based and practice informed care on concerns or techniques that can help with latching, purchasing needed breastfeeding supplies and more.

Care Plan

An individualized care plan for you and your babee to review and execute. If concerns are out of my scope you will be referred to a recommended provider to continue your care.

Follow up

I will follow up with you w/in 3 -5 days to tweak previous plans, assess if another session is needed, to discuss any protocols on procedures you will need and keeping your milk supply in tact going forward.

Text support

I offer unlimited text support two weeks after a visit.

Can I schedule for Saturday?

I have limited availability but shoot me an email If I cannot assist I will refer you to another lactation professional that can help you. I’m not into gatekeeping help. I want you to feed your babee ASAP!

Whew that’s a lot, I might spend the night, honey!

What time is dinner again?

Book a home visit today!

***this blog is not to replace medical advice*****


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