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birth support from dads: more than a snack b*tch

Honey DADS…

It's positive! A congratulations is in order to the new addition to your family, first!!

Along this beautiful journey you'll notice most of the attention is on your honey. Although this is a fight only she can win. She can win if you have her back during childbirth. You are an integral and important part of conception through reception. An oxyticin inducing lovebird is what you are as we get closer and marking off the checklist in preparation for babee.

Many Dads often wonder are they doing enough to support their honey?! For one, YES!! You are here learning and absorbing all the evidence based education you can before your precious human BEEing arrives.

“What more can I do to support her better during the birth?!”

Honey, don’t let the internet fool you! You’re more than a snack b*tch. You are an important part of the puzzle of for a guardian of support, protecting the birth space, protecting the memories of the birth experience, keeping visitors at baby and most importantly, helping to wiggle your babee out.


I collaborate with Dads/partners through education to obtain a positive birth experience.

Unpopular opinion:

Every family doesn’t need a doula, IF you have a supportive and knowledgeable birth partner.

Yes, I said it. Every family doesn't need a doula. It can be just as successful without a doula but not without the educational component to advocate for yourself and your honey! You could inevitably waddle right into a chaotic circus when labor begins if you're not educated on what normal birth looks and feels like.

Let’s plan a birth vision of how to comfort your partner by laboring at home as long as possible. No matter how you birth all of your options should start with education.

In this class you receive a wealth of informative knowledge to include

• hands on demonstrations with your honey

• a digital toolkit to take home

• stages of labor & comfort measures

• birth hormones

• movement and positions

• mindfulness

• breastfeeding support

• partner support & emotional well being

• birth tools and more

It’s just a good old fashioned warm hug for your soul and labor prep…you know southern comfort!

Doulas can sometime get a bad wrap for "replacing your partner" when in actuality we work with your partner to provide the best support aiding your labor and birth.

I love what I do and you are in love with your honey!! Together we'd make a bad ass!

This class is a culmination of all the 40+ births that Dads have or have not participated in. The one thing that's in common with honeys who were satisfied with their unmedicated births is the unwavering and anticipatory support from Dad. Partner support is essential for birth and breastfeeding initiaiton and duration. She's depending on you too!

From affirmations, to prenatal management of food and rest, connection exercises and learning all the things for labor progression and keeping a safe space for you and your honey's emotional well-being into the postpatum, it's all all in Southern Comfort, a comfort measures class for Dad.

Leave with your digital toolkit and come home to your new family.

Bring your honey, a birth ball and water out for this in person prep class Oct 18th and let’s birth a plan for your vision of partner support.


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