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doula support for cesarean birth

In the USA, over 32% of births end with a cesarean procedure. While this rate is slowly declining over 50% are still unnecessary. Having a doula can help support families in these spaces as well. The World Health Organization has continuously stood by its stance that a 10-15% rate saves lives and reduces the harm.

Research continues to show how effective the emotional and physical support a doula brings that changes the environment for a positive birth.

Welcoming a new life into the world through a cesarean section can be both exhilarating and overwhelming. While the focus often lies on the medical aspects of the procedure, the emotional and psychological support during a C-section is equally important.

Here's where a doula can help!!

Having a doula by your side can make a significant difference. In this blog post, we'll explore the invaluable role of a doula in supporting women through C-section births and share some tips on how to make the most of this partnership for a positive birthing experience.


1. Role of Your Doula in a C-Section

   - Despite common misconceptions, doulas aren't just for vaginal births. We provide continuous emotional, physical, and informational support to birthing individuals, regardless of the mode of delivery. We offer reassurance, advocacy, and comfort measures to help ease anxiety and promote a sense of empowerment throughout the procedure.

2. Choosing the Right Doula

   - When seeking a doula for your C-section, prioritize those with experience in supporting cesarean births. Look for someone who understands the intricacies of the procedure and can adapt their support accordingly. I happen to have expedited two cesareans in one year. I am familiar with the space and it's my motivation to prevent unnecessary ones and to make those necessary as positive as can be. Conduct as many interviews to ensure compatibility and discuss your expectations, birth preferences, and any concerns related to the C-section.

3. Collaborating with Your Healthcare Team

 Communicate openly with your obstetrician and other healthcare providers about your decision to have a doula present during the C-section.

   - Emphasize the role of the doula in providing emotional support and advocating for your preferences, while respecting the medical guidelines and procedures. Also ask if your doula can be allowed to attend the surgery. Some hospitals have updated policies and family centered cesarean births. Lead more with my guide here.

4. Creating a Birth Plan

   - A gentle cesarean birth plan should completed as well to define your space in the procedure to to keep you calm and relaxed. My Gentle Cesarean Birth Guide can help you detail a comprehensive roadmap to tailor your needs and preferences for the C-section experience.

   - Include details such as who will be present in the operating room, preferences for anesthesia and pain management, and any special requests to enhance your comfort and sense of control.

5. Practicing Comfort Measures

   - As in birth, breath is everything and can be helpful with cesareans too. As your doula, I can teach you relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, and breastfeeding positioning options to help manage discomfort and promote a sense of calm during the C-section.

   - Practice these comfort measures beforehand, so they become familiar and accessible when you need them most on the day of the procedure.

6. Embracing Postpartum Support

   - Beyond the birth itself, as your doula I can provide valuable postpartum support as you recover from the C-section and adjust to life with a newborn.

   - From breastfeeding assistance to emotional support and newborn care tips, as your doula I can be a trusted companion on your journey through the early days of motherhood.

While a cesarean birth may not always go as planned, having a doula by your side can empower you to navigate the experience with confidence, compassion, and grace.

By forging a partnership with your doula and healthcare team, you can cultivate a supportive environment that honors your preferences and fosters a positive birthing experience, regardless of the mode of delivery.

Trust in the wisdom of your body, the expertise of your medical team, and the unwavering support of your doula as you embark on this transformative journey into motherhood.

Are you looking for birth to breastfeeding support no matter how you birth? Let's book a consultation and see how I can support your new family!!

***This blog post is not to replace medical advice.***


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