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empowering black birth experiences through virtual doula support

In the realm of maternal care, the intersection of race and childbirth outcomes is only a pressing concern. The sense of urgency just isn't palpable. As a Black doula I'm exposed to the broken healthcare system when it comes to Black birth. The uncertainty and confusion I hear with my clients when they enter the hospital and the validation I have to give to them in the forms of yes, you're correct that doesn't make sense.

First off if you have options in your birthing preference, consider a home birth with a midwife. Now, I won't sell you a dream that finding a plethora of Black Midwives will be easy but finding knowledgeable and skilled birth workers that understand the natural process of birth without rushing it will be if you think outside of the box. I'd love to help you navigate your pregnancy with a free consultation.

Pregnancy and birth is a miraculous event that doesn't have to be managed or monitored in low risk honeys especially for first time moms. Birth takes a long time for your first rodeo. Sit back and be patient.

We have to stop begging these folks to see us as equals and prepare to take birthing practices and options into our own hands by being involved and educating yourself prenatally, finding the community of like minded individuals and be Prepared to pay for the support you need to ensure your experience with birth is a positive one.

Knowledge is for everyone and it is a gift to your babee from you in utero.

Black bodies face disparities in healthcare that often result in higher rates of complications during childbirth and of maternal mortality.

Doula access including Virtual Doulas is one tool to help improve birth outcomes and reduce the higher rates of maternal morbidity and mortality among women of color in the United States. Read more here

But ain't doulas high?

Yes and No!

Well, honey that depends on what you consider high for the price of a positive birth experience!! Birth in itself is a luxury but assimilating a support team to assist you during this powerful life event shouldn't be either. There are so many ways to access doula services whether low cost or niche out, start looking now.

Although the premise of hiring a doula is the 1:1 coaching and physical support of hip squeezes and relaxation techniques, a supportive partner that's willing to learn and take charge and advocate can be just as effective with the guidance of a virtual doula.

Anyone can achieve a positive birth with virtual services too. Virtual services tend to be more cost effective as well if you're a family of modest means.

In this context, the role of virtual doula support emerges not only as a valuable resource but as a necessary force for empowerment, advocacy, and positive birth experiences for Black women.

Our biggest plight as doulas is Addressing Disparities in Maternal Healthcare!

Black women and birthing people encounter systemic challenges within the healthcare system, including implicit biases, racial disparities, and inadequate access to quality care.

Virtual doula support becomes a crucial ally in navigating these obstacles, offering curated guidance and advocacy throughout the entire childbirth journey.

I'm your ride or die honey!

Virtual doula services, when tailored to the unique needs of Black women, provide a culturally competent approach to maternal care. Understanding the cultural nuances, traditions, and historical context is vital for ensuring a supportive and respectful birthing experience that aligns with the individual values of Black women.

In other words Black women know how to care for other Black women.

Georgia currently has a deficit of obstetrical support in over half of the counties here. It's a maternal wellness desert with so many mothers traveling longer distances for prenatal care.

A virtual doula may be a great option for pregnant Black women in areas with limited access to culturally competent healthcare providers, virtual doula support becomes a lifeline. By breaking down geographic barriers, virtual doula services offer a way for Black women to connect with experienced professionals who understand their unique needs, regardless of their physical location.

Trust is a cornerstone of any supportive birthing experience. And it's a mutually beneficial relationship between us. I have to trust that you trust your body. I have to trust you will listen to your baby too.

Virtual doula support facilitates ongoing communication. I check in every 90 minutes in labor with your partner to guide and offer tips and techniques. I am creating a space for Black honeys to express their concerns, preferences, and fears. This open dialogue builds a foundation of trust, ensuring that the birthing process is a collaborative and empowering journey.

Black women haven't had the privilege of autonomy with their own bodies let alone with birthing and raising their children for a few decades, so finding your voice and using it begins in pregnancy with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about your birthing plans. Through online consultations, classes, and access to evidence-based resources, as your doula, I advocate for the autonomy of Black birthing bodies in navigating the complexities of maternal healthcare.

Birth is mental.

The stress associated with racial disparities in healthcare can have profound effects on the mental and emotional well-being of Black women. Virtual doula support, delivered in the comfort of your own space, provides a sanctuary where emotional and mental health can be prioritized, reinforced, reframed, accepted and foster a positive mindset during pregnancy, labor, and birth continuing into your postpartum.

I'm your maternal plug connecting you to services that contribute to the creation of a supportive community for Black women. Through online forums, social media groups, and virtual gatherings, expectant mothers can connect with others who share similar experiences, providing a sense of solidarity and empowerment.

In conclusion, the necessity of virtual doula support for Black folks is rooted in the pursuit of equity, respect, and positive birthing experiences. By embracing the potential of virtual doula services, you are able to take a significant step toward dismantling these barriers that disproportionately affect Black pregnant people like you during childbirth.

Every expectant Black mother deserves a birthing experience that is not only safe but also empowering, and virtual doula support is a powerful tool in making this vision a reality.

View my virtual doula services, honey!!


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