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i take care of the mother not the baby

It’s true, honey! I rarely care for babies solely unless mom needs a shower or quick nap. I do try to get a quick baby snuggle in before I leave 🥰 because babies smell yummy!

The majority of my daily postpartum service is emotional and physical support. I assist with duties around the house so Mom can take care of her newborn, rest and recover.

Services include :

Lactation support (breast, chest and bottle feeding)

Lite housekeeping (baby laundry, organization)

Meal planning (@southerncomfortco for weekly meal services),

Families with multiples

Sibling care

Allowing space for Moms to nap/shower/think

Lite massage/soothing techniques

Herbal postpartum care aids

Referrals to further postpartum mental/health support

Relaying evidence based information

Diaper cloth cleaning service with TidyTooty

Help with finding physicians

Lending an ear to encourage and build confidence

Click here for more info on how to book services, honey!


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