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lactation home visits increase your breastfeeding confidence and duration

Home visits are my favorite and the sweetest. 🥰

Honeys are so vulnerable during this time of the postpartum stage it is almost imperative that visits happen and they NEED to pour into these new mothers/caregivers to ensure they are doing fine.

Our lineage has been broken when it comes to breastfeeding. An elder or your mother should be teaching you. But here we are…

What I hear most from honeys that have been discharged from hospitals or even after visiting lactation clinics. 👇🏾

“They didn’t take the time with me that you did. It felt rushed.”
“You’ve been here for almost 2 hours”

My Partum Me Honey Home Visits are offered within 2 days of discharge. #breastmilkwontwaitforyou

The narrative is that lactation home visits are generally when new honeys run into breastfeeding challenges. I think it’s time to normalize including home visits as a mandatory necessity for new parents to get off to the breast start of their breastfeeding ans or pumping journey and parenting journey. .

Home visits WORK!

“Home visits are proven as safe and effective as office-based care for well-baby and postpartum check-ups and may be a practical way to ensure maternal and infant health after discharge.” (NIH)

My home visits don’t just stop at positioning and latching! I created a #mindmommybabee wellness model to ensure both you and your babee are informed and utilize healthy choices.

A Partum Me Honey Home visit:

increases confidence

creates a more natural environment through comfort in home (plus all your shits there lol)

lactation education on positioning, latching, programming and maintaining your milk supply

fine tuning intuitive skills

increasing parenting knowledge

hands on demonstrations

babywearing support

tips and tricks

a listening ear

and a few breastfeeding pics too

All of this packed into a 90+ minute visit. Book your lactation home visit today! Honey, I’d love to help you off to a great start.


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